Are Timeshare Points, Credits Or Whatever You Call It Making Timeshare Exchanging More Difficult?

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Are Timeshare Points, Credits Or Whatever You Call It Making Timeshare Exchanging More Difficult for Interval Owners?


This is our personal opinion based on our experiences with owning 3 deeded timeshare weeks.  

The original concept of vacation timeshare ownership is owning specific deeded timeshare vacation property. This is what we own – specific weeks at 5 star resorts. We have owned three timeshare properties for 13 years and have never had a problem exchanging into other 5 star resorts. The vacations we’ve had through our exchanges have been extremely good and we’re always looking forward to the next one.

All our deeded vacation weeks were purchased for literally pennies on the dollar through the resale market. As members of  (II) Interval International exchange network, we are well-satisfied.

In 2013, while vacationing at two timeshare resorts, we noticed something unusual.  Oftentimes while sitting in the lobby area of our resort, we update our website. It gives us a flavor of the timeshare people coming and going in the check-in area.

It appeared that  more and more timeshare owners were checking in during the middle of the week or on the weekend  and staying for 2-3 days rather than the whole week as on the  typical 7 day  vacation with which we are familiar. 

It also seemed that as these people were checking in, they were waiting longer and longer to register because the rooms were not ready. Think about it. Instead of one timeshare owner family staying for 7 days, you have maybe 2-3  timeshare owners with points staying shorter terms, meaning more housekeeping needed. Don’t forget, if you own points or credits, you still have to pay annual maintenance fees.

This may be the downfall of  the original concept of timeshare where you exchange a 7 day for a 7 day vacation somewhere else.  Here’s an example.

If you look in your timeshare resorts directory, you will find many resorts affiliated with both the Interval Exchange system and the RCI system. Think about it. You own a deeded Interval week and wish to exchange to a resort that is dual affiliated and with the RCI resort. RCI’s system is points. An RCI customer wants to exchange into one of the RCI resorts and only wants to use 3 days during the middle of the week. Another RCI member wishes to use 4 days on the week-end starting on Friday night. The whole week is used up by 2 or 3 different timeshare owners who use points.

Meanwhile, you own an Interval exchange week and wish to exchange into one of these dual-affiliated resorts. It takes longer and longer for Interval International to find a week for us because we wish to use a full week.

That’s where we find the downfall of timeshare as originally developed, particularly if you own  a 7 day deeded vacation week. 

We do not like the points or credit system. It seems to us that the point system is a giant money sucking machine for the corporations that started that concept.

Instead of selling 52 weeks of deeded timeshare property, these corporations are selling unlimited points out of thin air. What do they actually own?  Our II weeks are deeded and recorded as real estate instead of as points.

When we are in one of our home resorts, my wife will often say, “We own this.”

Thanks for joining us,

Cary & Elaine

Were your timeshare experiences good or bad. Can you recommend your favorite resorts?

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