David vs Goliath Timeshare Story – Westgate’s Presumption They Can Defeat A Widow…

August 20, 2017

Construction of a timeshare resort goes on around the townhouse of Julieta Corredor in Orlando, Fla. Corredor, an 81-year-old widow refused to sell her unit to one of the nations largest timeshare companies. The timeshare company needs the Corredor’s signature in order to get a county permit that would allow tenants to move into the timeshare units, and she’s not giving it. That has prompted the parent company of Westgate Resorts to sue Orange County, Florida, demanding that it issue the occupancy permit anyway. (AP Photo/John Raoux, Oct. 2016 file photo)

This is a story we have reported on before. This timeshare giant pulled some dirty tricks and because they started building another timeshare project without settling with the last person in the project they went on ahead and started building. Click here to see the story. 


Click here for the previous story of this widow fighting Westgate

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