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Have You Seen This Notice Before Via Internet? 

Feb. 3, 2018

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We received this information morning. Of course, we have seen these types of ads before. Now the question we have is this legitimate, right?  Well, with the Internet we can do a bit of research and so can you. We don’t know if this is a legitimate person. Everything appears to be real.

Now we don’t know if: LauriesVacationClub is legitimate, do we?  It could very well be. The image implies that the vacation club is run by a woman and the video might be that women. It could be a very sincere person with every intent of starting a travel related business. It could be a franchise travel agency. We just don’t know.

We did a Internet check on where Lauries Vacation Club ranks in google or anywhere. We found nothing.  In comparison, we rank #1 on google but it has taken us 17 years to put together our information.


Vacation clubs are the next generation kind of timeshare or similar to point related timeshare but supposedly you are not tied into long term contracts.

The Information We Received From Lauries Vacation Club Is Below.

We report, you decide!

This 3 minute video could save you thousands of dollars and years of headaches, regret, and unnecessary expense!

A Timeshare is a great way to vacation with all the amenities of home, instead of being in a cramped hotel room with a marginal coffee maker! It’s great to have a kitchen, and living and dining areas, as well as a separate bedroom or two.

But OWNING a Timeshare is a costly expense; it’s almost never an investment. Timeshares rarely increase in value, and you are obligated to annual maintenance fees, exchange fees, and capital assessments.

Our vacation club allows you to vacation at timeshare resorts all over the world 52 weeks a year, not just one or two, with no legal obligations.

At up to 90% less than the cost of owning a timeshare.

Don’t get locked in to only 1 week, with annual and maintenance fees!

We have thousands of timeshare properties where you can vacation ANYTIME, ALL YEAR, at up to 50-90% Off public pricing.

Laurie Conrod

Author: Cary

Retired with many years of timeshare experiences. My wife and I love our timeshare vacations. We are trying to educate the public on the value of timeshare vacation properties, providing the timeshare properties are deeded and purchased on the resale market. That's where the real value is.