Emergency Assistance Plus – A Service For Anyone Traveling Anywhere In The USA And Worldwide!

What if we need a Dr while traveling?

We love to travel. We have flown to resorts, driven to timeshare resorts and have often taken our motor scooter with us. We have driven with our car and motorscooter, through the deserts, large cities, small rural cities, and mountains. One of our main concerns is allaying the fears our  three adult children have for our health and safety while traveling a distance away from our home . We have seen a few accidents along the way, have had some weather interruptions, and have sometimes become sick while on our travels and vacations.

One of the precautions we have taken so as to not worry our children while we were traveling was buying an Emergency Assistance Plus service. That company will cover us anywhere in the USA but also worldwide. It makes sense to us to take advantage of this service.  If we can afford to travel we can afford to have access to this program,  and the costs for both of us, is $10 a month.

We are not compensated in any way by recommending this product. Just thought you should know about it. Click here.


Outside of vacationing in timeshare condo's we like to motorscooter during the warm months of Minnesota. But my wife has been to Europe and stayed in hostels and taken trains.
Outside of vacationing in timeshare condos, we like to take day trips on our motorscooter during the warm months of Minnesota.

Author: Cary

Retired with many years of timeshare experiences. My wife and I love our timeshare vacations. We are trying to educate the public on the value of timeshare vacation properties, providing the timeshare properties are deeded and purchased on the resale market. That's where the real value is.