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Happy Bluegreen Timeshare Owners Testimonial

Note: No matter where you go in life and no matter what you purchase you will always find happy people and unhappy people. Here is a family enjoying what they purchased

Consider finding a timeshare from a family who have used a timeshare for vacations for years and now wish to sell, like we did, for a little as $1.00, and buy it and enjoy great vacations. Check out: www.tug2.net for some great timeshare properties. 

I think it’s turned out to be a great investment not only for the great vacations we have had but the memories we are making as a family. When we went to Disney World we trade in our points to stay at a place called The Fountains there, which our kids love. So it’s actually been pretty economical really when you consider if we were going….we probally still take trips but we would be boarding a plane, which for us, that means five plane tickets soon to be six. >> I’ve heard a lot of my friends…people I know have said “Oh you know, we spent $2,000 to come to Disney World.” I’m like “wow, thats a lot of money. We didn’t spend that much.” When you sit down and think about the price of the tickets and you have three kids, two kids you have to pay for, different things like that. Come adding up the hotel expense and then adding in food too.

I can see how they would spend that much but, no, not us. So we are very proud owners. Very happy..
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