How to Find a Timeshare for Rent

How to Find a timeshare for Rent. If you do an internet exploration, you’ll find many timeshares for rent.

 Find the right rental using these tips. You should use a (TUG) timeshare user group membership. Rental agreement and deposit.

Step 1. Take a look at (TUG2.net) longstanding timeshare user group website. Browse through the rental ads at timeshare Users Group, or TUG which has over 40,000 timeshare proprietor members. Potential renters can browse  in their timeshare Marketplace at no cost.

Step 2. Browse their rental database by point or resort name.

Step 3.  Most timeshares rent at a fixed rate usually at a rate close to their maintenance fee’s, much less than if you were to rent through the resort directly.

 Step 4. Narrow down prospective rentals, or post a “wish ad” to be seen by timeshare  members.

Step 5. Contact a timeshare owner through the ad. Make sure the property is as described and follow up with research on the Internet as to a resorts rating.
Step 6. Call the resort to double-check that the timeshare proprietor actually owns the rental week that’s being offered and if the unit you wish to rent has its dues paid for the week and year you wish to rent.

 Step 7. If everything checks out.  Get the rental agreement and return the agreement to the owner with a deposit along with a copy of the agreement to the resort, and enjoy your timeshare rental vacation.

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