How To Sell A Timeshare – Choosing a reputable company

With more than just a few websites on the internet trying to attract timeshare owners looking to sell, selecting which company to register your timeshare with can be confusing

 We appreciate that you want to shop around and perhaps select more than one company to help sell your timeshare.

To help you steer clear of  these merchants, we’ve put together some thoughts that you may want to ask yourself on how other people do business.

1. How does the company attract purchasers?

There are quite a few websites with the words “Sell” and “Timeshare” in the website, and as such  seem only wanting to target sellers.

 But, how are they targeting purchasers?

Ask yourself this, if a company only seems focused on attracting those selling timeshare, how are they starting to attract a buyer for your week or timeshare levels?

We can only recommend what we have done.  We wanted guaranteed vacations at great resorts only here in the U.S.  We only dealt with the resort associations with no salesman involved.

This method does not apply to resorts such as Marriott, Hilton or any franchise type of resort that sold points. We were interested in specific deeded weeks and units.

If you live in the United States or in the midwest area of the United States we can suggest a couple of excellent options to buy reliable timeshare units or properties and they are located at the top of this website. We own at each resort listed and have never regretted our purchase in 15 years of usage.

If you live in Europe, Spain, Italy, Britain, Scotland and other Europe countries listen to the advice of the company in the video and you decide.

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