How to Sell a Timeshare

How to Sell a Timeshare. If you decide to sell your timeshare, learn how to proceed with care and caution in the marketplace. You will need a timeshare deed timeshare membership agreement
and Documents related to maintenance and other fees.

Publication listing fees Online auction seller’s account Real estate agent Attorney or title company and timeshare closing service.

Step 1. Gather all documents needed for the timeshare sale such as the resort’s name and contact information, the property deed, and the membership agreement. Other information includes any timeshare exchange company affiliation, and the amounts of maintenance fees and real estate taxes. Step 2. Establish an asking price. Join the timeshare Users Group (TUG) and check their database for going asking prices and get your resort’s resale asking prices. Check current and completed online timeshare auctions for going asking prices. Step 3. Decide where to advertise. Post with your resort’s bulletin board or newsletter for free, or list for a nominal fee in timeshare-related publications. Step 4. Create a seller’s account at an online auction site. If there are opportunities to pay extra that could increase the number of looks at your timeshare, they’re worth it.

Step 5. Sell your timeshare condo yourself, or hire a real estate agent to assist with the sales contract, negotiate with buyers, and help with the closing. Step 6. Hire an attorney or title company to help you draw up a sales contract, or use a timeshare closing service such as JRA timeshare Transfer Services

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