Interesting facts – The Timeshare Industry Is Growing

July 13, 2017

It’s a fact! In spite of the glut of the many people who have owned timeshare properties over the years and are in the market to sell for little or nothing on the resale market it blows our mind on the growth of the retail market. Read this article.

All 3 of the deeded timeshare properties we have purchase over the last 15 years were from people willing to sell for little or nothing on the resale market.  Check out

Also check out VacationOwnershipForLess for their resales and also Treetops in the Ozarks

We own at both resorts and both have some really great prices where you can purchase deeded timeshare property for $500 or less and actually own it outright. These resorts no longer sell retail timeshare units. 

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