12 Helpful Tips For Timeshare Advice to a Friend….

Timeshare Vacation at Lake Tahoe, NV.

12 Helpful Tips For Timeshare Advice to a Friend…

Recently, a friend of ours expressed an interest in how to go about buying a timeshare on the resale market without getting scammed. Ww thought that the email we sent to him could also be used in giving advice to anyone. We are including it here for your information. We hope this helps anyone interested in the purchase of a resale timeshare in the market place.

A lot of answers can be found on my website: < strong>timesharefun.com
Here are some questions you want to ask yourselves:

Many people who have owned timeshare for sometime say 10-20 years are looking for someone to take their timeshare vacation properties off of their hands for little or nothing. All 3 weeks we own for bought for pennies on the dollar. It depends how you wish to use you timeshare. Some examples:

1. My brother in Sedona who owns a resort in Oak Creek Canyon called Oak Creek Terrace also owns a timeshare right downtown Sedona that includes use of the recreational facilities year round. The resort allows his married kids who live in Sedona and his grand children to use the facilities for swimming and exercising anytime they wish. In fact he also has arrangements for us to use Continue reading12 Helpful Tips For Timeshare Advice to a Friend….