We Now Offer Hotel Rentals, Car Rentals, Airline Reservations and Cruise Offers Through Our Travel Agency – Traveltimesharefun

Finally, We Now Offer Hotel Rentals, Car Rentals, Airline Rentals and Cruise offers

Travelling is a pain when you don’t have the mobility to move around. We own a database of 800 rental agents at 30,000 locations in 174 countries. It’s one of the largest database ever existed on the planet!

Just let us know where and when would you like to pick up and drop off your car via the form to the left, and we’ll recommend the best deals for you!


Note: We recently booked a car rental through one of the above agencies. We looked at each one for the best deal for a 14 day rental. Our main concern was hidden taxes that local areas charge. In this case we were booking in the Phoenix, Arizona area. The car rental was fine. Two weeks for a total of $$379.98.  We asked for a breakdown however of the local taxes over and above the two week price we were quoted. The additional taxes and fees came to another $243.14. That brought the total up to $623.12. We booked and reserved through one of the above car rental companies. Good Luck in your bookings. 

All the car rental agencies do it, so make sure you get the breakdown of the additional charges that you will have to pay.