Kitchens Can be the Key to a Happier Timeshare Vacation ….

July 13, 2017

Breezy Point 2015 Timeshare Vacation

Timeshare resort kitchens. Hugh!

This is something that my wife and I can relate to. We have 3 weeks of deeded timeshare vacation properties and, believe it or not, my wife loves to cook or not cook while we are vacationing.

We love to get up in the morning and have breakfast and coffee in our timeshare units, while in our pj’s. Read the paper, watch the news and plan our days.

The one benefit is having a fully furnished kitchen. It’s also fun when having friends and relatives visit without having to go out to eat. Special times together.

Most of the kitchens over the last 15 years have been great but some have been surprisingly small at one or two of the most highly rated resorts. Believe me my wife can design better kitchens than what was built in some of the resorts. Well, anyway read this article. We think the timeshare experts are finding this out.