ABC News Beware of Timeshare Assessment fees By

Note: One of the things that new buyers of timeshare units overlook is the annual maintenance fee’s. The timeshare salespeople avoid getting into this usually because the first day offer usually includes the maintenance fee’s the first year.

Here’s how it works. At almost all timeshare resorts, including the 3 resorts where my wife and I own, the maintenance fee’s come due in Dec, at the end of each year, payable for the following year before you use it. That’s a tough time of year to have maintenance come due for the next year. With Christmas and New Years and expenses during those months it can be hard to come up with all 3 timeshare weeks maintenance fee’s.

So, this is what we did. We contacted each resort and asked if we could pay our maintenance fee’s monthly one year in advance instead of paying in January of each year. All three resorts agreed to our maintenance fee’s being paid monthly. So, we budget $135 per month for next years timeshare vacations. By Dec. 30th of each year, or sooner, our vacations are paid for.

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