How do I buy a Timeshare Resale? Do I have to attend closing in person? – Premier Timeshare Resale

This is a good question. In 2011 I was browsing a Timeshare Magazine called; TUG (Timeshare Users Group). It’s a timeshare magazine that I read to keep up-to-date on timeshare property. 

My wife and I own two deeded timeshare weeks and were not looking for a 3rd week. But wouldn’t you know a private seller had listed a 2 bedroom, sleep 8, deeded week at Breezy Point International. It was a prime summer week and only 2.5 hrs from our Minnesota home. We were familiar with this resort and saw the pictures on the Internet. 

This unit was right on the golf course. The resale price was only $400. We placed an immediate call to the owner, who was in Arizona for the winter. He was not coming home for several months. 

He was familiar with a timeshare closing agent located in Georgia. He asked if it would be OK to use that agent he was familiar with. We didn’t care because he was paying the $250 closing fee. 

To answer your question, we never met the closing agent in Georgia and we never met the timeshare owners until they got back to Minnesota from their winter home in Arizona. 

The title and deed was delivered to us all within 30 days. We have used that timeshare for the last two years and love every minutes of it. 


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