Father and Son Telemarketers Convicted in Timeshare Resale … – FBI

Father and Son Telemarketers Convicted in Timeshare Resale … – FBI
7 hours ago Convicted in Timeshare Resale Fraud Affecting 1,000 Victims wire and mail fraud in connection with a telemarketing fraud scheme that 

Timeshare resellers rarely deliver on promises, usually …
… of consumer fraud in Florida, affecting people … Timeshare Traveler, has been convicted … licenses telemarketers, including timeshare resale



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Telemarketers call up timeshare owners, … who is Arthur Goddard’s son-in-law, were charged with fraud, … Timeshare Resale Scams Revealed …

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Show Posts – Boss Man – Timesharetalk Forum – The timeshare forum for owners, by owners. Scams, resorts, reviews of timeshare resorts, air your views on resale

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Van Zandt Sr. is blaming the scam on his son but Marrero believes the fatherVictims who invested up to $ … resale fraud epidemic, the Timeshare Mega Media …