Making the most of our family holidays with Karma Group | Andrew Stuart

We signed up five years ago in at Jimbaran and we when we first bought in the membership, we thought we might have been sort of bit too expensive but we’ve certainly got our value for money since we join their membership.

We join because we like the family holidays and we like traveling internationally and we just like to experience difference cultures, that’s the main reason. When we first join in we though was going to be like a pyramid timeshare group, but we found over the years just purely for holidays for our family.

We have three young boys and we utilize the facilities all the time, the staff was always being super helpful with us and we actually enjoy been members. We join because we were approach by one of The Karma members at the time when we were holiday in here for our ten wedding anniversary, so we took the opportunity to going have a chat and find out more about it, so we were really interesting what they had to offer and we kind of like the package for us, it’s suited us really well. The variation in the difference resorts we can stay at different country its valid in Australia for us which we used a lot as well.

We’ve been to Rottnest and that was amazing as well and having intensive time in Pert, its good to take my family back to Rottnest with the family, that was really good and beautiful place to visit. Thank you very much to Karma Group, thank you so much we had a fantastic holiday. We love it. Thank you.

We do appreciate everything that Karma Group has done for us so far and we more than happy been members at the moment. It’s excellent, been really good. Bye..

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