My Wife And I Love Our Timeshare Vacations!


My wife and I truly love the timeshare vacations we have experienced over the last 13 years. We do not own timeshare points. We own 3 real estate deeded weeks and have exchanged to top 5 star resorts in the USA. 

We would never had the ability to pay and stay at these fine resorts without owning timeshare vacation properties. 

We are not wealthy. We purchased all 3 deeded properties from previous timeshare owners on the resale market for pennies on the dollar compared to what these previous owners paid. We did not purchase from a resort, but from customers who were willing to just more or less give their times share real estate away for almost nothing. That’s the secret to having affordable timeshare vacation properties. 

The timeshare weeks we own are high demand weeks at two resorts within 3 hrs of our home and the remaining week is in Missouri at another high demand summer resort. 

The maintenance fee’s for all 3 resorts is less than $1,235.00 per year. The rental to the public at any of the 3 resorts for one week would far exceed what we pay for maintenance fee’s for all three resorts. 

That is the reason we started a website at 

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Cary & Elaine

Were your timeshare experiences good or bad. Can you recommend your favorite resorts?

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