Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort Review By Customer (3-23-19)


Hey guys! Today I’m sharing my review of the Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort in Disney World! This is an off-property timeshare resort that allows you rent 1,2,3, and 4 bedroom villas, similar to Disney Vacation Club! If I could recommend one place to stay outside of the Disney resorts, it would be Bonnet Creek! I hope this is helpful! Thanks for reading!



Note: This is an excellent article on what happens when the parents are gone and the worries of the kids when the parents have left them with timeshare deeds!

Timeshare Resort. What happens when the parents are gone?

How not to inherit mom’s timeshare | Liz Weston

How Beneficiary Deeds Can Help

Diamond Resorts Cabo Azul timeshare – Testimonial

This person booked a 1 bedroom at Diamond Resorts Cabo Azul timeshare in Cabo San Lucas 

Check out his review of Diamond Resorts Cabo Azul at –Baldthoughts.com/

Additionally, you can see this person’s reviews of all Diamond Resorts properties at BaldThoughts.com/diamond

This is one of the nicest timeshares he has ever stayed at. The rooms are simply amazing and every unit has a full kitchen… although you probably won’t use it much since the on-site restaurants are delicious and fairly priced.

Divi Little Bay Beach Resort, II, Has Reopened Its Doors In The Wake Of Hurricane Irma

May 15, 2018

Divi Little Bay Beach Resort, II, Has Reopened Its Doors In The Wake Of Hurricane Irma

Image result for divi-little-bay-beach-resort-

Click Here.

Divi Little Bay Beach Resort

Interval International

Six Antigua Resorts You Need to Visit Right Now

Not Everybody Can Use Their Timeshare Points To Buy A Car!

May 13, 2018

Not Everybody Can Use Their Timeshare Points To Buy A Car!

We read this article with suspicion. It must take an exorbitant number of points and moxy to do what this couple did.  Hmmm! “My wife is a major timeshare wizard.” Well, check it out and you decide. Click here!

Fitness on Vacation: 3 Easy Health Tips for Your Next Trip

Beach fitness videos for men and women.

A vacation can be one of the best ways to recharge, restore and relax. From experiencing a new city to soaking in sun-filled beach days, vacations are proving to be instrumental in balancing overall fitness. Another way to ensure a healthy balanced life is to exercise and eat right. Exercising or dieting on vacation may not seem like your ideal way to spend your time off. Hey, what’s is a vacation for, if you aren’t taking a break?

Exercising is actually an important part of relaxation. It helps improve your mood, fills your body with energy-inducing endorphins and is meditation in motion. Eating right can also help increase your energy and limit your stress levels. And the best part of less stress means more restful sleep!

In fact, enjoying fitness activities while on vacation is much more common than you might think. A recent survey from the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) conducted by research group Leger, found that 52% of vacationers work out every three days. And timeshare owners are leading this group, with 90% stating that they work out while on vacation.

So, are you wondering how to maintain your fitness while still making your vacation restorative? Take a look at these easy health trip tips.

1. Get Your Workout In

Sometimes the easiest and most rewarding exercises can be done in thirty minutes or less. And with the average timeshare unit measuring up to 1,050 square feet, there’s plenty of room to fit in a quick exercise routine without leaving the comfort of your room. Fitness apps such SWEAT and Kineticoach are great for finding short exercises that utilize your body weight and circuit training to keep your heart rate up, and your endorphins flowing.

Another way to get in some exercise is to explore your destination. Taking a  relaxing beachfront stroll, or discovering local attractions on foot or on a bike, are perfect ways to take in all your destination has to offer while keeping you active. One of the best parts of being a timeshare owner means you have access to exclusive excursion and activities that get you moving without making it feel like work.

2. Eat Healthily

One word – fresh. Take a tip from locals and find farmers markets, produce stands and specials that are unique to your destination. You’ll get to explore the people, food, and culture of your vacation spot while finding tasty new ingredients to cook with. Utilize the fully equipped kitchen in your timeshare to make vibrant and fresh meals with your family and friends. Not only can it be delicious and healthy, but you can increase quality time with the ones you love.

3. Balance Your Metal Health with Sleep

A good night’s rest goes a long way and vacations are the perfect time to catch up on those zzz’s. Having multiple rooms in your timeshare ensures everyone on your trip has their own space to unwind. Not only are you able to be in a new bed to help you detach from the usual stresses found at home, but you can get up to an extra hour of sleep. More restful sleep at night means you wake up with a clearer head and more energy to seize the day.

Make the most of your vacation by taking care of your well being and enjoying all your timeshare has to offer!


Read more: vacationbetter.org

Bluegreen Resorts Counting On Next Generation Higher Incomes As Selling Points!


Bluegreen Resorts Counting On Next Generation Higher Incomes As Selling Points!

It’s also part of a move by the vacation ownership company to lure younger travelers. To do so, Bluegreen is seeking to expand into hip locations offering the types of activities and experiences that millennials may enjoy.

Bluegreen works on a points basis, in which owners buy points to gain access to the company’s properties. The more points owned, the more access a vacation owner has to top properties at peak times. The starting buy-in for points ranges from $10,000 to $15,000, officials said. Points can be carried over to another year, and owners can buy additional points, too.

We here at timesharefun.com are not advocates of the “Points Program” in the timeshare history. We prefer deeded timeshare weeks.  Points is buying air as far as we are concerned.  Also, the resale market is where you want to be if you are considering buying a timeshare property. Check out Tug2.net,  Vacationownershipforless.com .

Check out these articles about Bluegreen here!

Points vs Deeded Timeshare Property


Are You Afraid To Travel Because Of Bad News In Certain Areas Of The World?

Are You Afraid To Travel Because Of Bad News In Certain Areas Of The World?

This is normal. Bad news can be anything from weather to people being attacked or maimed. We found this article from a seasoned travel agent that might be of interest. Common sense dictates your situation when traveling. Click Here to read this article. 

Villa Group Timeshare Resorts, Mexico( II )( RCI)

Your Story Starts Here! Have you ever wondered what

it would be like to travel the world? Imagine taking your family to luxury resorts for those special vacations where you will attain memories that will last a lifetime. Now your dreams can become reality. With over 70,000 members, The Villa Group is Mexico’s foremost resort and leisure industry company. For over 25 years, The Villa Group has continued to develop idyllic tropical and desert beachfront resort destinations throughout Mexico, such as Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun and the Islands of Loreto. Our VPA members enjoy its endless flexible, which allows them to travel any time of year and stay at any villa sizing. During their stay, they have complete utilize of all the state-of-the-art vacation facilities, including swimming pool, Jacuzzis, spas, fitness centres, tennis courts and much much more. Our VIP members participate in an external exchange program through Interval International which grants access to more than 2000 resorts worldwide. In addition to these exchange possibilities, your membership also provides you with an array of travelling benefits, including discounts on cruises, airfare, vehicle rentals, recreational activities and traveling packages.

As found on Youtube

Other Mexico Timeshare Resorts

Happy Timeshare Family Vacation Testimonials!

Not everyone who owns timeshare properties are unhappy! Watch this satisfied customer. 

Latest statistics: 

20 Million households own timeshare properties

I’ve been everywhere and those experiences and those places that I’ve been, I can tell my children and my children’s children forever about them and make them want to go and travel and see different locations. >> Just for my daughter to understand that there’s more to Charleston, SC, there are other places that you can go. >> I think it’s good to go other places for young children so that when they’re learning geography in school it has some meaning and so they can see what it’s like to be in a mountain area.

They can see what it’s like in a more rural area or more urban area. >> I think being able to travel, most people get very caught up in a routine of life that they forget there’s another world out there other than your small little workplace or what you’re use to doing. Once you get out of that routine you’re not stuck on just doing your own thing. You’re now widening your horizons, you’re opening your eyes to a lot of different people, different cultures. We’re from Canada so the States is a whole new avenue that we weren’t aware of so now that’s opened that up too for us..

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Latest Statistics

More millennials are leaning towards timeshare travel!

Feb 28, 2018

Canadian Vacation Ownership Association (CVOA) has announced that timeshare is experiencing a global resurgence, appealing to a younger generation of buyer, who is more affluent. Well, we don’t know if this is true or not. It is coming from a bias point of view.  Click here to read the article.

We here at Timesharefun.com are sold on buying timeshare deeded weeks from previous owners on the resale market. We have purchased timeshare properties for as little as $1.00 and otherwise less than 10% on the dollar. Think about it. If you can purchase a deeded timeshare where the maintenance fee’s are less than $800 every year at a great resort, why would you not? It guarantees you and your family a vacation every year for less than you can rent a hotel or a resort accommodation.

Breezy Point Video – Great Timeshare Vacations 

Check out a couple of resorts where we own where you can buy for as little as 10 cents on the dollar or for $1.00.  

Tug2.net and VacationOwnerShipForLess


Happy Bluegreen Timeshare Owners Testimonial

Note: No matter where you go in life and no matter what you purchase you will always find happy people and unhappy people. Here is a family enjoying what they purchased

Consider finding a timeshare from a family who have used a timeshare for vacations for years and now wish to sell, like we did, for a little as $1.00, and buy it and enjoy great vacations. Check out: www.tug2.net for some great timeshare properties. 

I think it’s turned out to be a great investment not only for the great vacations we have had but the memories we are making as a family. When we went to Disney World we trade in our points to stay at a place called The Fountains there, which our kids love. So it’s actually been pretty economical really when you consider if we were going….we probally still take trips but we would be boarding a plane, which for us, that means five plane tickets soon to be six. >> I’ve heard a lot of my friends…people I know have said “Oh you know, we spent $2,000 to come to Disney World.” I’m like “wow, thats a lot of money. We didn’t spend that much.” When you sit down and think about the price of the tickets and you have three kids, two kids you have to pay for, different things like that. Come adding up the hotel expense and then adding in food too.

I can see how they would spend that much but, no, not us. So we are very proud owners. Very happy..
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See How Your Points Don’t Mean Crap!

Jan. 28, 2018

This is a personal opinion of the writer of this article, but is backed up by people writing comments at Tug2.net a popular timeshare magazine. Read the article. My wife and I do not own points and have written many times articles that it is nothing but a money making scheme for that corporation. You don’t own anything with points! It’s merely a membership club. Nothing more nothing less. 

How much is your home in points?

Another Opinion From Someone Looking At Timeshare.


This is a well written article from the author who purchased his timeshare on the resale market. It’s worth your time if you are considering a deeded timeshare week. Check it out. 

Mention the word timeshare and many people will be looking for the nearest exit. Timeshare sales stir up memories of encounters disguised as free breakfasts in Mexico or presentations that were an unwelcome part of a discounted resort stay. Click here to read

Here are three places where we have purchased deeded timeshare properties from previous owners for 10 cents on the dollar or less. Tug2.net, Breezy Point International.com and directly from Treetops Resort in Missouri.

Why We Recommend Tug2.Net – In Case You Are Interested, Like We Were, In Owning Another Timeshare Week From The Resale Market!

Nov. 19, 2017

(We here at Timesharefun.com do not receive any compensation for recommending this resort, but we do own a deeded week.) 

We here at Timesharefun.com have personally used Tug2.net to purchase a Prime May-June re-sale week for only $400 from  previous owners who were not longer using their timeshare, for exchanging purposes,  and wished to sell.  Here is the unit we purchased from the previous owners. Two bedroom, two bath, enclosed hot tub in the living area Click Here.

 The  deeded week was at Breezy Point International only 3 hours from our home here in Minnesota. The previous owners lived only one mile outside of Breezy Point International and partly purchased the timeshare for the privileges of using the resort facilities anytime during the year when family and relatives visited. Otherwise, during the 10 years they owned the deeded week they used it for exchanging vacations to other resorts around the USA. 

Facebook Page

We had a professional closing facility take care of all the details and the exchange of ownership took place within 30 days. We have used our deeded week every year for the last 5 years and continue to look forward every spring early summer to using it. 

Click here for the current listings of deeded or point related timeshare weeks at Breezy Point.

Breezy Point Timeshare Offices


Timeshare Advice Before Buying…

Sept. 30, 2017

Research before buying timeshare contracts

Advice From People Who Have Experienced What You Are Going Through. 

With the Internet you can find anything you want. We try to provide every question and answer you need to know about timeshare, scams, reports, news and contracts before signing a timeshare resort contract. Read this article about a question someone poised and the timeshare advice he received by clicking or reading here.

Can You Shake Hands With Your Timeshare Board of Directors? We can….

August 21, 2017

The Village at Izaty’s 2016 annual meeting. It was a great and informative meeting with over 50 timeshare owners present.

Really, Can you shake hands with any member of your timeshare board of directors?  We can. That is what makes the difference between a deeded timeshare property and points with these huge franchise timeshare resorts where the prices of timeshare points have skyrocketed over the years.

We have attended many of our annual timeshare meetings and what’s important to us is who is taking the time voluntarily to maintain our units and the latest news about our timeshare resort.

The above picture is of our 2016 annual meeting. Can you honestly say you have met anyone outside of your fast talking salesman?  There are lots of smaller timeshare resorts that have a resale office but one of the best places to check is at Tug2.net 

Do your research folks before purchasing on impulse!

July 26, 2017


Timesharefun, Authors


The top rated reason travellers take a vacation is to rejuvenate (60 per cent), followed closely by spending quality time with family (51 per cent) and taking time away from city life (36 per cent).

If this makes common sense to why you would like to take a  vacation every year, take a look at buying a 2nd market or (used) titled and deeded timeshare property from someone willing to sell their timeshare for as little as $1.00.  Look here at Tug2.net.

Many people who have purchased, like we did, deeded timeshare on the resale market have enjoyed the benefits above with our family for the last 15 years.

Very few years went by where we could not use all 3 deeded timeshare weeks for vacation. If we could not make it we let our adult kids use them at no cost to them.

If You Really Are Interested In Saving Money In The Possible Purchase Of Timeshare Property You Must…..

July 24, 2017

Are you really interested In Saving Money In The Possible Purchase Of Timeshare Property?

Research!  And in ths day and age with the Internet there is lots of information. There is no need to make an expensive decision no matter the pressure you receive at a timeshare presentation. You just have to have resolve to resist the pressure of a sales person and get out of there, no matter how nice and beautiful the resort looks. Take your gifts and get out of there. 

Most of all Go Here and see the money saved thru this website. 

You and the Law: What you need to know about timeshares

April 26, 2017

Although we do not personally agree with everything that is mentioned in this article, particularly since you can purchase timeshare re-sales on the Secondary Market for as little as $1.00 on sites such as Tug2.net  we think this article has excellent information. Click Here to read.

Direct Timeshare vs. Resale Timeshare Benefits?

April 22, 2017

The title of  Direct Timeshare vs. Resale Timeshare Benefits refers to buying at retail from a salesman at any timeshare resort or buying through the Internet for as little as $1.00 or elsewhere from a current customer or anyone looking to get rid of their  timeshare for little or nothing.

My wife and I own 3 deeded weeks at 3 different resorts. One week was given to us outright from someone who paid $8,800 but never used it, another we purchased directly at a resort, through their association without any salesman and another was purchased from a user who used it for extensive travels over the years and no longer were traveling. They paid somewhere around $10,000 for it 10-12 years earlier and were willing to pay all closing costs and letting it go for only $400.

Want to review other people’s view Click here!

Why We Recommend A “Emergency Assistance” Program For Timeshare Owners…

April 19, 2017

Think about it! If you are a timeshare traveler like my wife and I, by air and by car, things can happen that are beyond your control. Most are not covered by your insurance plans. Note: We are not compensated in any way shape or form by this service. Click Here!

A True Story

It was going to be a quick Spring getaway to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Melanie and Craig had always loved the mountains. When they realized they had a week to sneak away, they decided to rent a condo in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. They wanted to witness the mountains coming back to life after a long winter.

The drive would take around eight hours, but Gatlinburg would be an ideal base from which to explore the park. They could do a little hiking, and search for wildflowers and other “spring peepers.” If weather permitted, there might even be some fishing or horseback riding included in the agenda.

The weather was good when they set out. And the trip there, while long, went very smoothly. Melanie and Craig were both glad to pull into the parking lot of their condo, unload the car and grab a quick bite. After all of that, it was time to call it a day. They wanted to rest so they could get up early and get off to a good start.

But in the morning, things started to get really bad.

Melanie had a really restless night and barely slept. She complained to Craig that she was having trouble catching her breath. Then, suddenly, she blacked out. Craig tried to revive her, but when she came to she was unable to communicate with him at all. Then she blacked out again.

Craig called 911 and waited–for what seemed like an eternity–for the EMTs to arrive.

After a quick evaluation, Melanie was Continue reading “Why We Recommend A “Emergency Assistance” Program For Timeshare Owners…”

The Margaritaville Vacation Club in Smith Bay is the newest time-share … between the Government of the Virgin Islands and the time-share industry.”.

The Margaritaville Vacation Club in Smith Bay is the newest time-share … between the Government of the Virgin Islands and the time-share industry.”

Photos and Images



Wyndham Vacation Club

Why you should hate time shares…Interesting Perspective and Some Good and Bad Points

March 5, 2017

This author makes some good points Click Here but there other points of view that should be considered. Read our article about how we purchase 3 deeded weeks of timeshare property and have loved every moment of our vacations staying in some of the best resorts in the United States.

Your decision

Only On The Re-Sale Timeshare Market Is A Dollar Worth Something….

April 5, 2017

Reading this article we kept thinking back to why we have enjoyed our timeshare vacations so much. It was because we purchased all deeded 3 weeks of timeshare properties for 10 cents on the dollar on the used market. We purchased 3 deeded weeks from people who were ready to get out of their timeshare properties after using them for years. Each unit consists of two bedroom units and we have had the best vacations of our lives.

First read this article by clicking here

Then read where and how we did it here

Advice From Another Happy Timeshare Owner….

April 4, 2017

It’s nice to read an article about timeshare owners who understand what we feel about deeded timeshare properties. We have owned 3 deeded weeks that we purchased on the re-sale market for over 15 yrs. The difference was buying on the re-sale market vs the retail market. We have guaranteed 3 wks of vacation every year and have never experienced any problems staying in resorts we would never have been able to afford otherwise.

Click Here To Read 

Should you get a timeshare? Fans love them but some will sell you their interest for a penny – Excellent Article!

Current Article Why Some People Will Sell Their Timeshares For As Little As One Penny

Latest Travel Options You Should Check Today

Testimonials Of A Minnesota Timeshare Brokers Deeded Re-Sales

Vacation Ownership For Less – Minnesota

Testimonials of Happy Customers

My wife and I purchased a prime spring/summer (Memorial) week about 4 yrs ago at Breezy Point. It was a two bedroom unit with a beautiful hot tub enclosed within the unit right on one of Breezy Points golf courses. The sellers originally paid $10,000 10 years earlier. We purchased this unit for only $400 including the closing costs. It is only 2.5 hrs from our home here in Minnesota and we use it every year.

We would recommend Vacation Ownership For Less  Anytime.  

Breezy Point, Mn – Summer deck entertainment area