The leader of a timeshare scam was sentenced to prison Wednesday, Feb. 27

Timeshare Scammer & Associates Caught!

Fine! But you tell me whether you think the scammed timeshare owners will ever see a dime.  Right!  

Daniel Martin Boyar, or “Wolf”, of Orlando, Florida, has been sentenced to more than five years in prison as the leader of a timeshare resale fraud scam that caused over $3 million in losses.

A Hard To Believe Timeshare Scam – Again (3-13-19)

Reading Timeshare Scam Articles Like This Makes A Person Sick! 

Is our government to big to protect the consumer against fraud?


We have been reporting on timeshare going on 20 years or more and we still see these scam articles coming across our desk. It really makes a person mad that there are people managing to still scam timeshare owners out of hard earned money.

Read this story here:

News video here: 

*Read this Diamond Resort Scam To A 90 yr. Old Couple! Disgusting!

*Arizona Attorney General Warns of Spike in Timeshare Scams – (3-2-19)


Timeshare Questions – Answers: Timeshare likened to buying a car ( Sept. 16, 2018)

Timeshare Questions – Answers: Timeshare likened to buying a car!

Excellent Article – Click Here


A British grandad is fighting extradition over allegations he helped run a £60million mafia-style timeshare con.

Do You Feel Safe Traveling to Cancun?

April 14, 2018

Really, Do You Feel Safe Traveling to Cancun?


The vacation images of Cancun are enticing but are mostly of fancy and beautiful resorts where developers have spent billions attracting tourist from all over the world. Is it safe to go off these fancy resorts to tour the area?  Images of side streets of Cancun. That’s a question you must ask yourselves before you do. Do your research beforehand. Most of these top of the line resorts have everything you need or want to do while at the resort. We can understand the urge to go off the resort and see the local shops and area. Read this recent article about Cancun

Other advice – Cancun

State Department Warnings!


191 actions to stop fraudulent operations hawking timeshare property resale services and travel prizes.

What Does Our Government Do About Timeshare Fraud & Scams?

Our government is so large you wonder whether or not they actually do anything. Who do you contact? What offices do you contact? Will they actually do anything? Will they follow-up on a complaint? Will they keep you in the loop about all correspondence? Will they tell you that follow-up information is confidential? Will you hit the stone wall of never hearing from them again? Click on the link below about Federal and State actions taken over the years against shady timeshare operators.

Is our government to big to protect the consumer against fraud?

191 Actions Brought By FTC and Its Law Enforcement Partners

Is There A Legitimate Way To Sell A Timeshare? Answer? Yes, Of course There Is!

Is There A Legitimate Way To Sell A Timeshare? Answer? Yes, Of course, There Is!

Timeshares give owners joint ownership in vacation properties, often in tropical hotspots like Hawaii or Florida. But on top of purchase costs, the properties typically come with annual maintenance fees anywhere from $500 to over $1,000 per year.

Whether the resort wasn’t the vacation paradise they intended or they simply couldn’t afford it anymore, many timeshare owners have struggled to unload properties they purchased during better financial times.

In 2018 there is no excuse for purchasing timeshare properties on the retail market. Timeshare resorts in the USA have millions of customers that have purchased timeshare deeded and point related properties over the last 30 years. There are thousands of timeshare properties that can be purchased for little or nothing and as little as $1.00. We have done it. Check out and Vacationownershipforless and Treetops for resales. You don’t have to purchase through a sales person in most cases. You deal directly with the owners association.

This has created fertile ground for scam artists, who charge thousands in upfront fees to help sell timeshare properties, but rarely facilitate actual sales, the Federal Trade Commission warns.

But you can unload a timeshare without getting stuck in a scam. Just be prepared to lose Continue reading “Is There A Legitimate Way To Sell A Timeshare? Answer? Yes, Of course There Is!”

Wow! More Timeshare Scams To Write About

Looks Like 2018 Is Starting Off The New Year With Scams!


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Wyndham Timeshare Developer Is Being Sued For Alleged Elder Abuse Against Senior Citizens

Jan. 17, 2018

Latest News

Wyndham Sued For Alleged Elder Abuse Against Senior Citizens.

Mass action lawsuit seeks compensation under Tennessee law for timeshare owners, especially the elderly, for alleged abuse and exploitation due theft of their money by coercive, fraudulent and deceptive sales practices.

The lawsuit also alleges that current timeshare owners have a difficult time getting reservations, because Wyndham controls and manipulates the reservations system.



Click here to read the article.


We here at have always advocated that the timeshare point system buys you nothing but a promise to nothing but air. We have written many articles over the last 17 years about buying a deeded specific timeshare week vs air in the point system How can anyone use points to purchase airfare and cruises and taxi cabs. It, in our opinion, is a money scam by the big boys in the timeshare business. Click here “deeds vs points”.


Timeshare salespeople are notorious for pressuring consumers into immediate signing because they don’t want you to think about whether or not the deal is good for you.

Jan. 9, 2018

Nothing Has Changed In Signing Contracts Immediately! Beware of the push to sign without reading the fine print!

Research before buying or trying to get relief of your timeshare contracts

Think About it, Read The Small Print, Tell The Salesperson You want to check the Internet

This will really get the salesperson upset. Tell them that you want to check  for resale timeshare unit. Understand, however, how at this point the salesperson will get a supervisor or try to dismiss you without getting your gift, which you are entitled to after 1.5 to 2.0 hours of attending a presentation. 

Timeshare salespeople are notorious for pressuring consumers into immediate signing because they don’t want you to think about whether or not the deal is good for you.

Widow gets $1.5M for Florida condo she repeatedly refused to sell to timeshare company!

Widow gets $1.5M for Florida condo she repeatedly refused to sell to timeshare company!


It’s finally over for this 83 yr old widow.


  • Julieta Corredor, 83, finally agreed to sell her town home to a developer this fall after holding out for months
  • Corredor’s home was damaged by site’s construction making it uninhabitable
  • The $24m development initially offered her $150,000 to leave, less than the family bought it for in the 1980’s
  • Westgate Lakes LLC ended up paying Corredor $1.5million for the condemned two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo 

This is a story we have been following for some time. Justice has finally prevailed. Westgate resorts has been a bully in the whole process by offering the window only $150,000, which was less than what the family paid for it in the 1980’s. Check out some of the other stories we have written about over the years by Clicking here. 




Man who promised to recover timeshare membership money jailed for cheating

Nov. 15, 2017

Man who promised to recover timeshare membership money jailed for cheating

Justice in Singapore

SINGAPORE – A second person involved in multiple cheating scams by duping individuals into believing that they could recover money from terminating their timeshare membership was jailed for three years and seven months on Tuesday (Nov 14).

Timeshare scams even in China and Singapore…. 

What’s Wrong With This Picture? You’ve Got To Do Your Research Folks!

Nov. 4, 2017

October 31, 2017

A widow of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks is among a group of consumers who tell Better Business Bureau (BBB) they lost thousands of dollars to Springfield, Mo.-based Martin Management Group after entering into agreements to have the company liquidate timeshare property.


What’s wrong with this picture?

The Springfield, MO BBB has this information about Martin Management Group and the company has Facebook information about their company.

Nice pictures on the Internet can make it look like a great company. But factual information from the BBB tells a different story.


Timeshare Advice Before Buying…

Sept. 30, 2017

Research before buying timeshare contracts

Advice From People Who Have Experienced What You Are Going Through. 

With the Internet you can find anything you want. We try to provide every question and answer you need to know about timeshare, scams, reports, news and contracts before signing a timeshare resort contract. Read this article about a question someone poised and the timeshare advice he received by clicking or reading here.

Are You One? Is anyone a Club Melia Vacation Club Victim?

Sept. 29, 2017

Meliá Vacation Club Cozumel

Is anyone a Club Melia Vacation Club Victim?  Evidently a lot of people have negative experiences with this timeshare operation. 




Tripadvisor Information

Even experienced professionals get caught up in the moment when attending timeshare presentations. Folks, there is so much information on the Internet and here on our website it amazes us how this happens in this day and age of almost instant information. But we understand how this happens in side of 90 minute presentations that turn into 4-5 hr long pressure tactics. The resale market is where it’s at in today’s market.

Timeshare Robocalls – What Can You Do About It?

Sept. 15, 2017

We have received these annoying robocalls for years, on our home landline. Three day vacations, cruises and hotel stays. All we had to do was attend a 90 minute presentation. We have never accepted any of these offers knowing there is a hitch.

We have solved or limited these annoying calls by following some of the steps in the attached article. Do yourselves a favor and take the time to refresh how to handle some of these calls by clicking here.

Diamond Resorts Files Suit Against Castle Law, Its Principals and Related Entities

August 11, 2017

Image result for diamond resorts

Diamond Resorts Files Suit Against Castle Law, Its Principals and Related Entities   

Evidently Diamond Resorts does not like businesses such as Castle Law attempting to get consumers who have felt taken advantage of by Diamond salespeople. So, sue them.  Continue reading below…

Another Source Of Timeshare Information Outside Of Our Blog…

July 29, 2017

Another Source Of Timeshare Information Outside Of Our Blog…

Research timeshare before buying. With the tools we have at our disposal today you can find anything you want about any topic.  Buying on impulse could cost you thousands out of your pocket before you get out of a timeshare contract if at all.

We hope our website and other websites give you the answers you need so you can enjoy a lifetime of vacations if done right.

Click Here For Other Timeshare Information Outside Of our Website.

Law Firm Defrauded Timeshare Owners To Win Business…

June 10, 2017

Law Firm Defrauded Timeshare Owners To Win Business... after watching TV the last few months and watching the pundits (lawyers, TV reports, journalist, and reporters nothing surprises me anymore, well, maybe. This doesn’t either. Click here to read

Is RCI worth it?

Jun 07, 2017, 6:30 PM

A Customers Answer To RCI Points System

How did you sell your timeshare? We bought in Dec 2015 and have lost all of our vacations because there are never weeks open at the resorts we are interested in. I have never been more disappointed with a purchase in my life. I am desperately wanting to sell.

Our Answer To This Customer: 

I doubt it. My wife and I do not own points. We have 3 deeded specific weeks at 3 different resorts in the USA. We have never had a problem exchanging our 3 weeks to different resorts for different times through out the USA. But we have noticed in the last couple of years it takes longer to get an exchange. We are with (II) exchange. That change, we think, is because of the point system. Some of the resorts we have exchanged into are with both the RCI and the II exchange system. The points are taking up the weeks exchange because some people want only week-end exchange and some want only time during the week. That means the weeks are taken up by two families using the week rather than one family taking the week. It also affects the expense of exchangeing because it takes maintenance and maid service twice during the week rather than only once in the oringinal exchange concept when started over 20 years ago.

Another customers response to the RCI point system: 

Thank you for that info. I had no idea why RCI changed the way it did. We bought a week in Mexico in 1995 to expire in 30 years. The maintenance fees were something like $350. Now they have a new system with different values assigned to different resorts which peaked havoc in any plans we tried to make, with the result that some years we are unable to use the week at all. The exchange fees have gone way up and they nickel and dime you for everything now. The maintenance fees have gone up too, as could be expected, but they’re now upwards of $800. All in all, they have ruined what was a good concept for people like us who are not millionaires and don’t have unlimited free time. It’s very frustrating.

For more information Click Here:

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Warns Of Timeshare Scams In Mexico

June 9, 2017

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Warns Of Timeshare Scams In Mexico. It seems a lot of Canadians over the years have invested in timeshare properties in Mexico. A new scheme is being used in Mexico whereby Canadian autos are stolen and someone calls to say they can “assist them”  in recovery of their vehicles and it turns into a timeshare scams from there. What won’t they think of next?

Click here to read this RCMP newspaper report for further information

IRS Revolks Exempt Status – Timeshare Charities

Timeshare Owner Drives To The Phony Timeshare Scammers Office And Finds….

June 4, 2017

Timeshare Owner Drives To The Phony Timeshare Scammers Office And Finds…. that he had been scammed after sending them $1,000 to get the paper work started. The initial contact came through the mail. The phony scammers followed up by requesting more funds. He realized he could just drive to the address listed and here’s what he found Click here for a TV interview of what he found.  We have lots of information on just about anything here on our website. Be careful out there. Fancy websites can also be a scam. 


European Timeshare Claims Centre

June 1, 2017

European Timeshare Claims Centre as we read it is another European government agency like any other government agency including here in the USA. They do not solve the basic problem in dealing with crooked companies in the timeshare industry. Click here and see if you can figure it out. 

Timeshare Owners Group ( Saved This Timeshare Owner.

May 30, 2017

An article by a new timeshare owner who, while still at the resort where he purchased, thought he may have made a mistake and had some questions got ahold of for some quick advice and was able to save his money. Read his story by clicking here.  Read the story and if still interested in purchasing a timeshare property consider a deeded resale week that are available and where we personally purchased our 3rd and final deeded week for pennies on the dollar.

Timeshare Fraud – the hot new securities fraud

May 22, 2017

In case you are interestedIf you own a timeshare and want out, there are only a few lawfirms who are actually law firms who can do this for you, like this one Fortis Law Group PLC.  There are also hundreds of scam companies claiming to be ‘timeshare resale experts’ who even have ‘licenses’ to do this – but beware – this is a scam too!  This industry is filled with fraud from one end of the business cycle to the other.  It can only be explained by George Carlin, with this clip:  Click here for the article. 


May 5, 2017

It’s a timeshare scam. Again Pretty Websites  do not mean it is a legitimate business. You can find plenty of information on our website here referring to this problem all over the world. This is a United Kingdom and Spain related problem or for anyone who has purchased timeshare property in the Tenerife Islands.   

Click here for more information

United Kingdom Timeshare Owners Beware Of Pretty Timeshare Websites!

April 28, 2017

United Kingdom Timeshare Owners. Beware of Pretty Timeshare Websites. We would suggest you do a lot of research before even submitting your personal information and timeshare information. Click here to read what was found.