The leader of a timeshare scam was sentenced to prison Wednesday, Feb. 27

Timeshare Scammer & Associates Caught!

Fine! But you tell me whether you think the scammed timeshare owners will ever see a dime.  Right!  

Daniel Martin Boyar, or “Wolf”, of Orlando, Florida, has been sentenced to more than five years in prison as the leader of a timeshare resale fraud scam that caused over $3 million in losses.

Note: This is an excellent article on what happens when the parents are gone and the worries of the kids when the parents have left them with timeshare deeds!

Timeshare Resort. What happens when the parents are gone?

How not to inherit mom’s timeshare | Liz Weston

How Beneficiary Deeds Can Help

How Drinking Coffee Can Pay For Your Timeshare Vacations!

Drinking Coffee and Our timeshare Maintenance Fee’s. A new approach to think about. We own 3 deeded timeshare properties and we have loved planning and taking 3 weeks vacations every year for the last 15 years.

We realized years ago how easy it was to drive into a McDonald’s drive through for coffee and other goodies. We also started watching other people waiting in line at Starbuck’s and other popular coffee shops.

We figured we were also spending anywhere from $1.00 to $5.00 or more just for coffee. So, how does relate to our yearly maintenance fee’s. The total maintenance fee’s together are $1350 for our 3 vacation weeks in luxury resorts. It came to $3.83 per day just for coffee.

So, this is what we did. We decided we liked to vacation and we could easily make our coffee at home in the mornings and during the days limit our coffee drinking. That easily paid for our timeshare vacations maintenance fee’s. We contacted each resort and set-up paying our maintenance fee’s by budgeting $135.00 per month divided between the 3 resorts and by December of each year we had our next years maintenance fee’s paid in advance.

We also contacted each of the resorts and offered to pay our next years maintenance fee’s starting in January of each year. They all agreed. So, by Dec. of each year we have already paid for next years vacations. This because we valued our vacations more that drinking up to $5.00 in coffee each day.

This is just one idea. What is your idea for your budgeted vacations?
Cary & Elaine
timeshare Owners

Not Everybody Can Use Their Timeshare Points To Buy A Car!

May 13, 2018

Not Everybody Can Use Their Timeshare Points To Buy A Car!

We read this article with suspicion. It must take an exorbitant number of points and moxy to do what this couple did.  Hmmm! “My wife is a major timeshare wizard.” Well, check it out and you decide. Click here!

Plan Better, Vacation Better. Why Timeshare Ownership Helps In Planning Your Vacations!

It’s been demonstrated that American workers are in frantic need of a trip . They are feeling extremely emphasized, tired and stuck in a rut. These workers realize that taking a vacation would equalize their work-life equilibrium, more they still fail to actually go on a trip.

Well, thanks to my best friend at Programme: Time Off , we now know the easiest way to ensure a trip each and every year: hope !

That’s right–simply mean ahead of time can significantly increase your probability of making time off of work for a vacation . Harmonizing to the State of American Vacation 2017, majority decisions( 52%) of workers who “says hes” set aside epoch each year to scheme out their vacation periods take all their time off, compared to just 40 percentage of non-planners.

They likewise tend to make longer trips . While three-in-four( 75%) planners take a week or more at a time, non-planners take significantly lower eras — zero to three–than planners at once( 42% to 18% ).

Scheming a trip commits many different aspects – where to leave, who to go with, when to go and how you are able to got to get. But those parts of planning are secondary to the most important part which is informing your work that you will need some time off.

While talking to your boss or superintendent can seem like a dishearten enterprise , Business Insider has come up with a index of tips-off and recommendations for what to do the weeks leading up to your vacation.

They recommend you :

Schedule yourself some jiggle room . Doing this allows you to have a duo epoches to are you ready prior to leaving for the expedition, and when you get back it assures you will have a day or two to adjust back to daily life so that you don’t get overwhelmed with wreak the second largest you render. Talk to everyone you work with. Make sure to tell your coworkers and patrons of your travel plan so they can adjust their schedules as well. And in the event something dire at work needs to be done while you’re apart, you will have parties in place to handle your responsibilities. Prioritize your tasks. This will help you accomplish anything major before departing from your vacation. It is important to do the most important things so that if someone has to cover for you, they are only faced with simple-minded tasks that are easy to administer. Lay down some communication ground rules. Relay to everyone on your unit, including your manager, the different ways to reach you, but even more importantly discuss with them that merely the most critical circumstances should interrupt your vacation time. Be careful what you upright on social media. It is important to remember that you will be returning to work after your trip, and you don’t wishes to irk the other workers who are covering for you. It is essential to remain professional, and if someone is going out of their path to help cover your work so you can trip- buy them a small endow to say thanks.

Be sure to follow these gratuities while you’re mean ahead for your next vacation ! And to make sure vacations become a yearly flee from part, consider investing in a timeshare, where each years’ vacation is once prepay, and there is a world of opportunities to explore.

Read more:

Bluegreen Resorts Counting On Next Generation Higher Incomes As Selling Points!


Bluegreen Resorts Counting On Next Generation Higher Incomes As Selling Points!

It’s also part of a move by the vacation ownership company to lure younger travelers. To do so, Bluegreen is seeking to expand into hip locations offering the types of activities and experiences that millennials may enjoy.

Bluegreen works on a points basis, in which owners buy points to gain access to the company’s properties. The more points owned, the more access a vacation owner has to top properties at peak times. The starting buy-in for points ranges from $10,000 to $15,000, officials said. Points can be carried over to another year, and owners can buy additional points, too.

We here at are not advocates of the “Points Program” in the timeshare history. We prefer deeded timeshare weeks.  Points is buying air as far as we are concerned.  Also, the resale market is where you want to be if you are considering buying a timeshare property. Check out, .

Check out these articles about Bluegreen here!

Points vs Deeded Timeshare Property


What is meant by beneficiary deed? Pay Attention Timeshare Owners!

What is meant by beneficiary deed?

Picture of a simple beneficiary deed for Missouri State

(Particularly Timeshare Owners)

If you purchased deeded timeshare property out of the state you are living in you should consider this option for transferring your timeshare vacation property to anyone you wish without your desired beneficiary going thru the terrible process of probate. Keep it out of the probate court. Lawyers love probate. It’s their bread and butter to making money.

What is meant by beneficiary deed?

Answer: A beneficiary deed is a type of real property deed used to Continue reading “What is meant by beneficiary deed? Pay Attention Timeshare Owners!”

Mexico Tourism – Be Careful Out There!

Mexico Tourism – Be Careful Out There!

A soldier of the Mexican Army stands in front of Baby Lobster and Sexy Drink bars after an evening shoot-out were several people were wounded by firearms at the touristic neighborhood of Condesa in Acapulco resort, Guerrero State, Mexico on January 28, 2018.  / AFP PHOTO / FRANCISCO ROBLES        (Photo credit should read FRANCISCO ROBLES/AFP/Getty Images) Photo: FRANCISCO ROBLES/AFP/Getty Images

A soldier of the Mexican Army stands in front of Baby Lobster and Sexy Drink bars after an evening shoot-out were several people were wounded by firearms at the touristic neighborhood of Condesa in Acapulco resort, Guerrero State, Mexico on January 28, 2018. / AFP PHOTO / FRANCISCO ROBLES (Photo credit should read FRANCISCO ROBLES/AFP/Getty Images)

We have written many articles over the years about being cautious when vacationing in Mexico. Most of the timeshare resorts offer everything you might need when vacationing in Mexico. It is understandable that people would like to go off the resorts to explore the flavor of the local customs and small towns of Mexico. But be careful! Click here to read the rest of the story!

191 actions to stop fraudulent operations hawking timeshare property resale services and travel prizes.

What Does Our Government Do About Timeshare Fraud & Scams?

Our government is so large you wonder whether or not they actually do anything. Who do you contact? What offices do you contact? Will they actually do anything? Will they follow-up on a complaint? Will they keep you in the loop about all correspondence? Will they tell you that follow-up information is confidential? Will you hit the stone wall of never hearing from them again? Click on the link below about Federal and State actions taken over the years against shady timeshare operators.

Is our government to big to protect the consumer against fraud?

191 Actions Brought By FTC and Its Law Enforcement Partners

Stories Of More Than 140 People Who Have Had Terrifying Experience In Mexico

Mar. 27, 2018

Stories Of More Than 140 People Who Have Had Terrifying Experience In Mexico

most often while staying at upscale, all-inclusive resorts.

This story should remind us of some of the things that can occur while vacationing, with tragic results. This can occur anywhere in the world, but the stories in this article are mostly in Mexico and at All Inclusive resorts. Click here  for the rest of the story.

Video News of Similar Instances 

Vacation Nightmare: Sun, Sand, Prostitutes?


Are You Afraid To Travel Because Of Bad News In Certain Areas Of The World?

Are You Afraid To Travel Because Of Bad News In Certain Areas Of The World?

This is normal. Bad news can be anything from weather to people being attacked or maimed. We found this article from a seasoned travel agent that might be of interest. Common sense dictates your situation when traveling. Click Here to read this article. 

Villa Rica CLUB WYNDHAM Timeshare Resort (RCI)

Enjoy southern hospitality at the Fairfield Plantation timeshare resort:


From this small-town retreat, you can enjoy fun-filled days of boating, fishing and water skiing, then unwind at night from the comfort of your resort condo.

Like this CLUB WYNDHAM vacation option? Check out the full list of resorts:

Curious about how CLUB WYNDHAM timeshare works? Explore the benefits


Other Points of View From Wyndham Timeshare Owners

Happy Timeshare Family Vacation Testimonials!

Not everyone who owns timeshare properties are unhappy! Watch this satisfied customer. 

Latest statistics: 

20 Million households own timeshare properties

I’ve been everywhere and those experiences and those places that I’ve been, I can tell my children and my children’s children forever about them and make them want to go and travel and see different locations. >> Just for my daughter to understand that there’s more to Charleston, SC, there are other places that you can go. >> I think it’s good to go other places for young children so that when they’re learning geography in school it has some meaning and so they can see what it’s like to be in a mountain area.

They can see what it’s like in a more rural area or more urban area. >> I think being able to travel, most people get very caught up in a routine of life that they forget there’s another world out there other than your small little workplace or what you’re use to doing. Once you get out of that routine you’re not stuck on just doing your own thing. You’re now widening your horizons, you’re opening your eyes to a lot of different people, different cultures. We’re from Canada so the States is a whole new avenue that we weren’t aware of so now that’s opened that up too for us..

As found on Youtube

Latest Statistics

Vacation Village Scam – A Video Of A Down To Earth Couple – Don’t Buy!

Feb. 22, 2018

A down to earth couple who have a timeshare but want to sell. They have experienced many timeshare presentations, have recorded timeshare presentations and are giving some good tips on what to do and not when going through a timeshare presentation. It’s interesting and informative. For your entertainment and knowledge. Go ahead, take a couple of minutes and listen. Click Here.

Why inheriting that beautiful timeshare can bust your wallet

Why inheriting that beautiful timeshare can bust your wallet

This is an excellent article along with all the other information we have here at Click here to read the article. 

It is almost impossible to go on a vacation with a family of 4 and  spend less than $2,000. That would include meals, travel and accomodations. But, in today’s market you can purchase a timeshare for as little as $1.00, which we have done. With 3 weeks of timeshare vacations every year, staying in 2-3 bedroom deeded timeshare property our maintenance fee’s total are less than $525 per week.

Think about it! You could pick up a timeshare week from one of those people willing to sell for less than $100 and have a great vacation at a fantastic resort this summer. Contact and and look over the deals they have and enjoy a summer or fall week for little or nothing.

The Business of Timeshares On The (Las Vegas Strip)!

The Business of Timeshares On The (Las Vegas Strip)!

Very Simple – Understand How It Works

Timeshares are joint ownership properties where everyday people can lock in a temporary vacation home annually for a fraction of the cost. On the Vegas Strip, this product is sold daily to thousands who visit on vacation or a quick get away. In our last trip, we realized that timeshare companies are able to spend $1 and get $10 back.

Here’s how they do it:

1. They purchase wholesale tickets to activities that tourists are most interested in i.e. Dinners, Shows and Casino Access.

2. They employ performance based marketing agencies to promote their offer on the Vegas Strip.

3. The marketing agency offers you Continue reading “The Business of Timeshares On The (Las Vegas Strip)!”

Don’t Buy a Timeshare Until You See This!

Have You Seen This Notice Before Via Internet? 

Feb. 3, 2018

Go to Laurie's Vacation Club on Facebook

We received this information morning. Of course, we have seen these types of ads before. Now the question we have is this legitimate, right?  Well, with the Internet we can do a bit of research and so can you. We don’t know if this is a legitimate person. Everything appears to be real.

Now we don’t know if: LauriesVacationClub is legitimate, do we?  It could very well be. The image implies that the vacation club is run by a woman and the video might be that women. It could be a very sincere person with every intent of starting a travel related business. It could be a franchise travel agency. We just don’t know.

We did a Internet check on where Lauries Vacation Club ranks in google or anywhere. We found nothing.  In comparison, we rank #1 on google but it has taken us 17 years to put together our information.


Vacation clubs are the next generation kind of timeshare or similar to point related timeshare but supposedly you are not tied into long term contracts.

The Information We Received From Lauries Vacation Club Is Below.

We report, you decide!

This 3 minute video could save you thousands of dollars and years of headaches, regret, and unnecessary expense!

A Timeshare is a great way to vacation with all the amenities of home, instead of being in a cramped hotel room with a marginal coffee maker! It’s great to have a kitchen, and living and dining areas, as well as a separate bedroom or two.

But OWNING a Timeshare is a costly expense; it’s almost never an investment. Timeshares rarely increase in value, and you are obligated to annual maintenance fees, exchange fees, and capital assessments.

Our vacation club allows you to vacation at timeshare resorts all over the world 52 weeks a year, not just one or two, with no legal obligations.

At up to 90% less than the cost of owning a timeshare.

Don’t get locked in to only 1 week, with annual and maintenance fees!

We have thousands of timeshare properties where you can vacation ANYTIME, ALL YEAR, at up to 50-90% Off public pricing.

Laurie Conrod

See How Your Points Don’t Mean Crap!

Jan. 28, 2018

This is a personal opinion of the writer of this article, but is backed up by people writing comments at a popular timeshare magazine. Read the article. My wife and I do not own points and have written many times articles that it is nothing but a money making scheme for that corporation. You don’t own anything with points! It’s merely a membership club. Nothing more nothing less. 

How much is your home in points?

Timeshare owners of property in Fairmont, B.C. face massive bills that will skyrocket in a matter of weeks!

January 26, 2017

Image result for fairmont sunchaser northwynd resort

If you own at the Northwynd Sunchaser timeshare resort you are in for a big surprise. Ugh!

You can read the most recent information by Clicking Here.


Wow! More Timeshare Scams To Write About

Looks Like 2018 Is Starting Off The New Year With Scams!


Holiday Home Horror – Time To Tell Your Story – Click Here


Holidays Will Never Be The Same Again! – Click Here



Pensioners Lost Thousand In Timeshare Scam – Click Here


Timeshare Owners Seeking To Sell Their Property Easily – Scammed – Click Here


Atlanta Based Company With BBB Rating of “F” Scamming Timeshare Owners – Click Here


Good Resort But Stay Away From The Timeshare Presentation – Click Here








Are You Curious About Sutherland Crossing Resort, A Timeshare Resort, Closing?

Image result for what happened to sutherland crossing resort


Are You Curious About Sutherland Crossing Resort, A Timeshare Resort, Closing? 

Information like this will help you make informed decisions.

We research, through all venues, timeshare resorts and any news about what is going on. Timeshare resorts can fail without a member controlled Board of Directors vs only a Developer Controlled Board of Directors. This is what happened if you are interested. Click Here for the information. 





Wyndham Timeshare Developer Is Being Sued For Alleged Elder Abuse Against Senior Citizens

Jan. 17, 2018

Latest News

Wyndham Sued For Alleged Elder Abuse Against Senior Citizens.

Mass action lawsuit seeks compensation under Tennessee law for timeshare owners, especially the elderly, for alleged abuse and exploitation due theft of their money by coercive, fraudulent and deceptive sales practices.

The lawsuit also alleges that current timeshare owners have a difficult time getting reservations, because Wyndham controls and manipulates the reservations system.



Click here to read the article.


We here at have always advocated that the timeshare point system buys you nothing but a promise to nothing but air. We have written many articles over the last 17 years about buying a deeded specific timeshare week vs air in the point system How can anyone use points to purchase airfare and cruises and taxi cabs. It, in our opinion, is a money scam by the big boys in the timeshare business. Click here “deeds vs points”.


Timeshare salespeople are notorious for pressuring consumers into immediate signing because they don’t want you to think about whether or not the deal is good for you.

Jan. 9, 2018

Nothing Has Changed In Signing Contracts Immediately! Beware of the push to sign without reading the fine print!

Research before buying or trying to get relief of your timeshare contracts

Think About it, Read The Small Print, Tell The Salesperson You want to check the Internet

This will really get the salesperson upset. Tell them that you want to check  for resale timeshare unit. Understand, however, how at this point the salesperson will get a supervisor or try to dismiss you without getting your gift, which you are entitled to after 1.5 to 2.0 hours of attending a presentation. 

Timeshare salespeople are notorious for pressuring consumers into immediate signing because they don’t want you to think about whether or not the deal is good for you.

Another Opinion From Someone Looking At Timeshare.


This is a well written article from the author who purchased his timeshare on the resale market. It’s worth your time if you are considering a deeded timeshare week. Check it out. 

Mention the word timeshare and many people will be looking for the nearest exit. Timeshare sales stir up memories of encounters disguised as free breakfasts in Mexico or presentations that were an unwelcome part of a discounted resort stay. Click here to read

Here are three places where we have purchased deeded timeshare properties from previous owners for 10 cents on the dollar or less., Breezy Point and directly from Treetops Resort in Missouri.

Today’s Timeshares Provide Flexibility And Variety

Gorgeous view of a timeshare resort.

  Today’s Timeshares Provide Flexibility And Variety

Owning a timeshare used to mean traveling to the same resort, at the same time, year after year. No more!

That concept of timeshare is now outdated. Thankfully, timeshares are increasingly more hip to the needs of today’s customers, who want more flexibility and variety from their vacations.

Whether you want to turn your vacation week into 2 or 3 trips, visit other resorts throughout the globe, go on boat cruises through
the Caribbean or Alaska, take advantage of numerous vacation offerings or simply extend your vacation stay, today’s timeshares can easily match your vacation style.

Many properties provide these benefits, so we’d like to share some of this information with you. Please look it over. The more informed you become, the better your vacation! Whether you’re a seasoned timeshare owner or a prospective first-time buyer, here’s a smattering of the types of timeshare benefits you can discover:

Vacation Points
Fractional Timeshares
Multiple Vacation Resorts
Floating vs. Fixed Time

Vacation Points— Instead of offering fixed one-week vacation  increments, points programs such as RCI Points provide members increased flexibility and diversity. With vacation points, members have the added freedom of reserving partial weeks into several two, three or four night increments at different resorts throughout the club’s network. RCI’s Points program gives members access to more than 3,700 resorts worldwide. Continue reading “Today’s Timeshares Provide Flexibility And Variety”

Timeshare Termination Team – November 8, 2017

A Husband and Wife Team , In Colorado, Want To Help Timeshare Owners.

Timeshares to most people are stressful and costly financial obligations they’ve been burdened with for months or even years. With the mortgage payments, maintenance fees, special assessments and the entire timeshare contract, it can be an overwhelming hardship to deal with.

Want more information. Click here!

Airbnb Horror Stories (& How You Can Prevent Your Own)

A Horror Story By AirBnB owners of what you should know.

October is the perfect time for snack size candy, questionable costumes and entertaining your worst fears in life. And for those that love a good horror story (my mother), this month’s Airbnb news could definitely feed those fears Continue reading “Airbnb Horror Stories (& How You Can Prevent Your Own)”

Storms like Hurricane Harvey of the past month will certainly create…

Storms like Hurricane Harvey of the past month will certainly create some special assessments on timeshare property owners who own timeshare properties on the east coast. With the economy like it is I am sure there will be some losers, not only for the resort itself but also some timeshare owners will find this an excuse to drop their timeshare ownership.

In all the years that my wife and I have owned deeded timeshare vacation property we have never experienced loss of a vacation week as a result of natural disasters, nor have we experience maintenance fee increases due to natural disasters.

Timeshare Ownership: What Happens in Case of Natural Disasters?

For those of you who are a part of timeshare ownership, you may have previously heard about certain areas of timeshare resorts being damaged or even completely leveled by natural disasters. Natural disasters are not always predicted far ahead of time and there are sometimes no way to protect or avoid damage from occurring to them. Disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and even earthquakes can uproot an entire area and you may be left without your timeshare. There are things that you will want to do and assist with after a natural disaster strikes your timeshare property.

What Happens if a Natural Disaster Causes Damage to my Timeshare?

When and if your timeshare property is struck by any natural disaster, you will have maintenance and special fees to pay. The resort depends on your help and money to carry out your part with any repairs that will need to be done to the timeshare property and units. The resort will estimate the cost of the damage done and your maintenance fees will increase and be split equally among all timeshare members at the resort that was damaged. It has been known that some people have had to pay $ 700 – $ 800 in single special assessment fees due to hurricane damage. Others have paid $ 259 per unit-week in special assessment fees to replace furnishings and unit remodeling. The cost will usually hinge on how much damage is done, how much ought to be fixed and replaced, and if the units are livable anymore. When entering timeshare ownership, it should be discussed with the resort owners.

Areas that are More Prone to Natural Disasters

Without a doubt, all timeshare properties in the Caribbean and island areas are always at more of a risk of being hit by a hurricanes. Hurricanes form and intensify over ocean regions, which make these islands more prone to being hit by these natural disasters. Another area that is at risk of hurricanes is Florida and through the gulf coast. Typically, hurricanes hit anywhere from Texas over to Florida and can strike anywhere up the east coast. Some rarely occur on the west coast, as well. Hurricanes are not the only natural disaster to be concerned about. On January 12, 2010, Haiti was struck by a terrible and devastating earthquake that caused severe damage to this island nation. Most properties were destroyed, as well as any timeshares that may have been located in the area. Tornadoes are also very prominent natural disasters which mostly occur in “Tornado Alley.” The states of Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and South Dakota make up Tornado Alley. If buying a timeshare in any one of the areas where natural disasters are prone to occur, beware that damage is possible and can not always be avoided. There will be costs and fees that you will must pay, but that is part of belonging to a timeshare ownership resort.

The Many Ways to Be Relieved of Your Timeshare Obligations

Oct. 6, 2017

The Many Ways to Be Relieved of Your Timeshare Obligations – 

This article is somewhat dated but still applies to timeshare properties and the people who own them. Knowledge is power and if you are looking through the Internet for information about what you should do this is just another article that might help….Click below

Are You One? Is anyone a Club Melia Vacation Club Victim?

Sept. 29, 2017

Meliá Vacation Club Cozumel

Is anyone a Club Melia Vacation Club Victim?  Evidently a lot of people have negative experiences with this timeshare operation. 




Tripadvisor Information

Even experienced professionals get caught up in the moment when attending timeshare presentations. Folks, there is so much information on the Internet and here on our website it amazes us how this happens in this day and age of almost instant information. But we understand how this happens in side of 90 minute presentations that turn into 4-5 hr long pressure tactics. The resale market is where it’s at in today’s market.

Timeshare Robocalls – What Can You Do About It?

Sept. 15, 2017

We have received these annoying robocalls for years, on our home landline. Three day vacations, cruises and hotel stays. All we had to do was attend a 90 minute presentation. We have never accepted any of these offers knowing there is a hitch.

We have solved or limited these annoying calls by following some of the steps in the attached article. Do yourselves a favor and take the time to refresh how to handle some of these calls by clicking here.

Don’t Consider A One Bedroom Efficiency Timeshare…. It’s Not Worth It

August 2, 2017

Why would anyone buy a efficiency or one bedroom timeshare unit? 

Maybe you should consider of someone who has one. Even on the resale market it is a bad vacation investment. Read what this timeshare owner has to say.

Another Source Of Timeshare Information Outside Of Our Blog…

July 29, 2017

Another Source Of Timeshare Information Outside Of Our Blog…

Research timeshare before buying. With the tools we have at our disposal today you can find anything you want about any topic.  Buying on impulse could cost you thousands out of your pocket before you get out of a timeshare contract if at all.

We hope our website and other websites give you the answers you need so you can enjoy a lifetime of vacations if done right.

Click Here For Other Timeshare Information Outside Of our Website.