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Wyndham Destinations Continues Growth In Orlando With The Expansion And Renovation Of …

WorldMark Orlando

Kelly McGuire

Vice President, Advanced Analytics, Wyndham Destination Network

Their global presence in 110 countries at more than 200 vacation ownership resorts and 4,300+ affiliated exchange properties distinguishes Wyndham Destinations as the world’s largest vacation ownership, exchange and rental company. Each year a team of 25,000 associates delivers great vacations to millions of families as they make memories of a lifetime.

Governor’s Green an Williamsburg Club Wyndham Timeshare Resort

Check Out  Governor’s Green a Williamsburg Club Wyndham Timeshare Resort 

You Can’t Go  Wrong

For Extra Holiday Savings 

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Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort Review By Customer (3-23-19)


Hey guys! Today I’m sharing my review of the Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort in Disney World! This is an off-property timeshare resort that allows you rent 1,2,3, and 4 bedroom villas, similar to Disney Vacation Club! If I could recommend one place to stay outside of the Disney resorts, it would be Bonnet Creek! I hope this is helpful! Thanks for reading!



San Francisco Shell Vacations Club timeshare resort – Inn at the Opera

See what San Francisco has to offer from the comfort of the Inn at the Opera Timeshare Resort: 

With a prime location and luxury accommodations, Inn at the Opera is ideal for artists and art lovers who are looking to explore the rich culture of San Francisco.

Shell Vacations Club resort option? Check out the full list:

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Area News

Kingsgate, A Williamsburg, Virginia CLUB WYNDHAM Timeshare Resort

Explore Williamsburg from the comfort and charm and enjoy the modern conveniences of 18th-century museums and art galleries in Historic Williamsburg, Virginia.

You will be less than a mile from Historic Williamsburg, this relaxing resort offers a fun mix of period furnishings and modern amenities — connecting the past with the present for a truly enjoyable getaway.




On Air with Ryan Seacrest – Welk Resort San Diego

Radio Interview With Lucky Family

Ryan Seacrest recently gave away a vacation to our San Diego resort to a lucky family. They’ll also be visiting the San Diego Zoo, which was high on their son’s list of summer activities. Thanks to Ryan for helping this family with their Summer Bucket List!

Where Are The Blue Green Resorts Located?

Blue Green Resorts – Where Are They Located?

Big Sky, Montana

Aspen, Colorado

Las Vegas, Nevada

Continue reading “Where Are The Blue Green Resorts Located?”

Note: This is an excellent article on what happens when the parents are gone and the worries of the kids when the parents have left them with timeshare deeds!

Timeshare Resort. What happens when the parents are gone?

How not to inherit mom’s timeshare | Liz Weston

How Beneficiary Deeds Can Help

Wyndham Pier Resort Oceanside, California (RCI)

Oceanside Pier Resort

Beachside Fun with Modern Flair. Located 83 miles south of Los Angeles and 35 miles north of San Diego, Wyndham Oceanside Pier Resort will be situated right at the base of Southern Californias longest active recreational pier and across from the beach.


Situated in a historic 1908 building, WorldMark San Francisco puts you close to many popular attractions, including Chinatown, Nob Hill, Union Square and the Powell Street Cable Car.





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Behind the Scenes with Kiplinger: Does a Timeshare Make Sense for You?

Timeshare Resales Make Sense To Us

Does a Timeshare Make Sense For You? >>Kevin McCormally: I’m Kevin McCormally of Kiplinger’s and in our most recent issue we take a look at Timeshares. You know those deals that let you buy a week or two at a luxury resort to use every year, for many years into the future. And this eposide of Behind the Scenes with Kiplinger, brought to you by Ally Bank, I’m with Susannnah Snider, who will explain how you can figure out whether or not a Timeshare makes sense for you. >>Kevin: Susannah, is a Timeshare like buying tomorrow’s vacations at today’s prices? >>Susannah Snider: Sort of. You pay $10,000 dollars or maybe more for the right to stay in a resort for a week or two each year. But, that’s not all you pay. There are also annual maintenance fees and those can go up every year. >>Kevin: So, if I buy a Timeshare, and I stuck going to the same place at the same time year after year? >>Susannah: Hey, that’s what some folks want! It’s kind of like buying a vacation home, but with a much small initial outlay and less hassle with owning a place.

But typically you’re not locked in. Most Timeshare arrangements let you travel to other resorts around the country and even around the world. >>Kevin: Downsides? >>Susannah: Don’t think of it as an investment in real esate, think of it as an investment in future vacations. It won’t depreciate in value and some sellers are lucky to get a third of what they paid. >>Kevin: Speaking of selling, let’s say I wanted to get rid of the Timeshare. How do you unload a timeshare if you decide you don’t want it anymore or you can’t afford the annual maintenance fee? >>Susannah: You can try to sell on Craigslist or www.redweek.com, or hire an agent who specializes in Timeshare resells. But be weary of scams and don’t expect to make a profit. >>Kevin: Ok, can you help me figure out how you crunch the numbers to figure out whether financially it makes more sense to buy a Timeshare versus simply renting year after year and paying for your vacations one year at a time.

>Susannah: It’s not easy, but try this. You need to think of it over the long term – say 25 years. So, if you pay $20,000 dollars for a timeshare to use for one week every year, over 25 years, that’s $800 dollars a week. Now, add annual maintenance fees, say $1000 dollars, that’s $1800 dollars per week or $260 dollars per night. Could you rent a comparable place for less? >>Kevin: Now, that’s interesting, but that price is going to go up year after year with inflation. But I assume that the Timeshare will go up more slowly because it only affects the annual maintenance part, whereas with the rental it’s 100 percent of the cost.

>Susannah: That’s right. That’s why it’s important to think about it over the long-term to decide whether that large initial outlay will pay off for you in the end. >>Kevin: Thank you, Susannah. .

Where Timeshare Makes Sense

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Timeshares & Vacation Clubs | Understanding the Differences

Timeshares & Vacation Clubs | Understanding the Differences

Hi there, it’s Ernest from Trip Astute. In this video, we’re covering a controversial subject. We’re discussing the difference between timeshare resorts, vacation clubs, and hotels. (light chiming music) I want to start out with a personal story.

We recently took a trip to Mexico after receiving a free four-night stay from a family member. It was part of a raffle prize, and once we redeemed it, we were able to choose our location and hotel from most of the major tourist destinations in Mexico.

We opted for the Mayan Palace, just north of Playa del Carmen. Given that the stay was won during a raffle, I was feeling a bit cautious about it. I’ve been suckered in the past into attending timeshare presentations, and definitely wanted to avoid spending our vacation time being pushed to buy a property or join a vacation club.

I looked on TripAdvisor and saw several posts of travelers who complained about being bullied into sales presentations. We decided to lower our expectations, especially since it was a free trip, but we were going to stay firm and avoid any sales presentations. Everything seemed great when we arrived. The resort offered transportation from the airport, and when we got to the resort, we noticed that it was one of many properties owned by a company called Vidanta.

The service was impeccable during check-in, but as soon as we received our keys, we were immediately asked to meet with a manager. The manager explained the key attractions and benefits at the resort, then asked if he could invite us to a free breakfast. Red flags and immediately went up, and we politely declined over and over. The manager kept insisting that we attend and wanted to show us all the benefits of becoming a member of a luxury vacation club. We still said no. The manager also asked about booking excursions, and when we told him that we had already booked our own tours online, he seemed pretty annoyed.

Fast-forward to the evening and we noticed that the room was really noisy. The walls seemed thin, and we had a connecting door that didn’t help. We basically could hear our neighbors’ conversation and the music that they were playing on their phone. Since we had an early morning tour, we decided to ask the front desk if we could get a different room, preferably one without a connecting room or at least a connecting room that didn’t have occupancy. We were really surprised at what happened next. The front desk was unwilling to help us. We went back and forth with the manager for about an hour, and at one point, they agreed to put us in another room.

We were asked to pack up our stuff and return to the front desk, where we stayed there for about an hour, and then we were told that the room was not available and that we would have to stick to our original room. We decided to leave the resort the next day and forfeit our free stay. Using my Chase Ultimate Rewards points, I transferred 60,000 points to Hyatt and booked a stay at the Andaz Mayakoba down the road. The hotel was incredible and a complete contrast to our experience at the Mayan Palace. We’ll do a separate video on the hotel soon.

So, with that story in mind, I wanted to share the difference between a hotel versus a timeshare or vacation club for those of you who don’t know the difference. Timeshares are agreements where several joint owners have the right to use a property as a vacation home, usually for a specific period of time. The key word here is “owner”, as you’re actually purchasing the right to the property even if it’s only for a week or two in a year. Timeshare owners typically enter a real-estate deed for specific dates at a specific property. It’s like owning two weeks of a furnished condo in Hawaii. You’ll have to pay some maintenance fees for the property, but it should be less than owning a second home or property. With timeshares, you can usually participate in networks where you can trade stays with other timeshare owners, allowing you to travel to other properties in the world.

From what I hear though, this can be a bit tricky, especially around popular travel times and locations. Vacation clubs are slightly different. It’s basically a membership that gives you the right to access properties under an umbrella of resorts. The key term here is “right to access.” Rather than buying into a property, you’re paying a membership fee to use the resort. You’ll get more flexibility on the location and time that you want to use it, but you’ll sacrifice the equity that you would earn if you purchased a timeshare. In summary, the pros for timeshares are owned and built equity, consistency in the timing, and also the flexibility to exchange your timeshare with another owner.

The cons for timeshares include limited flexibility on the timing of your vacation, the annual maintenance fees, and also less services than you would find with a regular hotel or resort. For vacation clubs, the pros are more diversity of destinations and resort types. You have a little more flexibility with the timing of your vacation, and you get more hotel and resort services. The cons for vacation clubs are they’re typically more expensive than timeshares, both upfront and annually. You’re also limited to the availability. It may be difficult to book during certain high peak seasons. You have no equity or ownership, and you don’t have the ability to exchange outside of the vacation club network. If you do decide to purchase or join one of these resorts, here are some things to consider. Number one: Higher resort costs and prices. My experience at vacation clubs is that the prices at the resorts are generally higher for the value that you receive. While I expect prices for meals to be more expensive at a resort or hotel, I generally don’t mind if I feel like that quality is also high.

Unfortunately, we found the prices for meals, drinks, and groceries outweigh the quality and customer service. Since it’s sometimes difficult to leave the resort too, you can become quite reliant on what’s available and being charged. Number two: Prices may not be competitive. There are a ton of stories online of folks who research to stay at the exact same location and timeframe and found it to be the same cost or cheaper than their timeshare or vacation club rate. Also, with services like Airbnb, you now have more options when booking a vacation stay, so keep that in mind when considering the fees associated with a vacation club or timeshare. Number three: Limited flexibility. This primarily applies to vacation clubs. I found that these resorts typically want to control the customer experience, and when you deviate from it, you tend to find problems or a lack of support.

Our story from earlier is a perfect example. Everything seemed great until we deviated from the structure. We refused to attend the sales presentation and booked our own independent tours. When we wanted to leave, we were forced to have our luggage transported back to the resort’s main lobby rather just having a taxi pick us up and our luggage from the specific resort. When I spoke to the manager, he was unwilling to make an exception even though certain guests were allowed to have a direct pickup from the resort. This added another 45 minutes to our checkout experience, and we felt uncomfortable giving up our luggage since we already were in conflict with the resort. Number four: High-pressure sales. I can speak from personal experience that the sales tactics used by timeshare networks and vacation clubs are extremely aggressive. They usually try to lure you in with gifts or free services like meals, tours, and event tickets. Then you’re stuck in a long presentation where the price keeps dropping and the pressure to sell increases. I know it’s the nature of the industry to sell, but I personally can’t stand spending my vacation time being pressured and bullied into a deal.

Number five: Difficulty getting out. One tactic that’s often used by timeshares and sometimes by vacation clubs is the idea that you can commit now, and if you change your mind, you can just call and cancel within a certain period of time. These sorts of clauses are called a “cooling-off period.” This is often mixed in with justifications like “why not lock in the price now. There’s no penalty if you change your mind.” The trick is is that they make it very difficult to cancel.

You’ll often have to call different offices and send in all sorts of official paperwork. Some vacation clubs don’t even allow cancellations, so make sure to check the agreement if you’re considering entering a deal. Number six: Payment disputes. This goes for any hotel or resort stay, not just vacation clubs and timeshares. If you encounter a payment dispute with the hotel, I would suggest refusing to sign the credit card receipt or invoice. While the hotel and resort can still charge you the fee, you basically forfeit the right to a dispute by signing the invoice since you’re agreeing to the charges. We made this mistake at the Mayan Palace and were stuck with four nights of resort fees when we only stayed there one night. They refused to waive the fees and told us to contact SFX, which is a company that booked our stay. When I called them afterwards, they said that we were misled since they don’t deal with or receive any of the resort fees.

Since I had signed the credit card invoice, I basically waived my right to a charge back. So definitely don’t make the same mistake as us! And those are our tips and considerations. I will add a caveat that this is just my personal opinion. I have friends who love their timeshare and really find value in it. I guess I just really value having more flexibility in my travels. And with points and miles and Airbnb, I feel like I’m able to travel and afford things that would normally be out of my reach. One other thing that’s really important to me is customer service and intention. I don’t expect things to be perfect, but I expect there to be an intention to resolve issues. My experience at the Mayan Palace versus the Andaz Mayakoba was like night and day. While we felt trapped unsupported at the Mayan Palace, our experience at the Andaz made us appreciate the importance of customer service and our desire to feel like valued guests when visiting a hotel. What are your thoughts on timeshares and vacation clubs? Have you had good or bad experiences with them? If so, please share your experience in the comment section below.

If you enjoyed this video or found it useful, please hit the “like” button. For those of you who may be new to this channel, please consider subscribing. It’s free and you’ll get notifications on our updates. Until next time, travel safe and travel smart. .

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Port Townsend WorldMark, A Timeshare Resort

The beautiful nature of Washington state surrounds you at WorldMark Discovery Bay:

Situated near the end of a saltwater cul-de-sac, this relaxing timeshare resort offers both ocean and mountain experiences. Between outdoor adventures, enjoy the view from your own balcony.

The last time you vacationed with your family, did you have a kitchen? A washer/dryer? How about private bedrooms? WorldMark® by Wyndham features spacious, condo-style units and suites for ultimate family vacations. From beach resorts to mountain lodges to off-the-beaten-path adventure, we invite you to discover how your family can make memories that last a lifetime at great resorts like WorldMark Discovery Bay in Port Townsend, Washington.

Curious about how WorldMark timeshare works? Explore the benefits:

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Timeshare Questions – Answers: Timeshare likened to buying a car ( Sept. 16, 2018)

Timeshare Questions – Answers: Timeshare likened to buying a car!

Excellent Article – Click Here


A British grandad is fighting extradition over allegations he helped run a £60million mafia-style timeshare con.

How Drinking Coffee Can Pay For Your Timeshare Vacations!

Drinking Coffee and Our timeshare Maintenance Fee’s. A new approach to think about. We own 3 deeded timeshare properties and we have loved planning and taking 3 weeks vacations every year for the last 15 years.

We realized years ago how easy it was to drive into a McDonald’s drive through for coffee and other goodies. We also started watching other people waiting in line at Starbuck’s and other popular coffee shops.

We figured we were also spending anywhere from $1.00 to $5.00 or more just for coffee. So, how does relate to our yearly maintenance fee’s. The total maintenance fee’s together are $1350 for our 3 vacation weeks in luxury resorts. It came to $3.83 per day just for coffee.

So, this is what we did. We decided we liked to vacation and we could easily make our coffee at home in the mornings and during the days limit our coffee drinking. That easily paid for our timeshare vacations maintenance fee’s. We contacted each resort and set-up paying our maintenance fee’s by budgeting $135.00 per month divided between the 3 resorts and by December of each year we had our next years maintenance fee’s paid in advance.

We also contacted each of the resorts and offered to pay our next years maintenance fee’s starting in January of each year. They all agreed. So, by Dec. of each year we have already paid for next years vacations. This because we valued our vacations more that drinking up to $5.00 in coffee each day.

This is just one idea. What is your idea for your budgeted vacations?
Cary & Elaine
timeshare Owners

Disney Vacation Club Portfolio of Resorts – 09/15/18

 How to get the most out of your vacations with your Disney Vacation Club Membership points.


About Disney Vacation Club:
Disney’s innovative vacation-ownership program helps families vacation as they wish while saving money on decades of future travels. Members customize every trip, choosing from a diverse array of villa-style Disney Vacation Club Resorts and thousands of other vacation options and destinations around the world, from the Disney destinations you know and love to the exotic places you’ve only dreamed of visiting.

Connect with Disney Vacation Club Online Here:
Visit the Disney Vacation Club WEBSITE:
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Connect with Disney Parks Online:
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 Disney Vacation Club Portfolio of Resorts

Diamond Resorts Cabo Azul timeshare – Testimonial

This person booked a 1 bedroom at Diamond Resorts Cabo Azul timeshare in Cabo San Lucas 

Check out his review of Diamond Resorts Cabo Azul at –Baldthoughts.com/

Additionally, you can see this person’s reviews of all Diamond Resorts properties at BaldThoughts.com/diamond

This is one of the nicest timeshares he has ever stayed at. The rooms are simply amazing and every unit has a full kitchen… although you probably won’t use it much since the on-site restaurants are delicious and fairly priced.

Notes From: CLUB WYNDHAM Timeshare Resort Renovations – 2018

We recently renovated a number of your CLUB WYNDHAM resorts as part of our commitment to continuously enhance your timeshare ownership and put your maintenance fee dollars to work. CLUB WYNDHAM features resort properties in destinations around the world with spacious, condo-style units and suites for ultimate family vacations.

Take in the history and charm of Williamsburg, Virginia, with Wyndham Governor’s Green and Wyndham Patriots’ Place. Get your fill of outdoor fun at Wyndham South Shore in Lake Tahoe or Wyndham Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. Taste your way through the foodie hot spots of New Orleans at Wyndham Avenue Plaza or Nashville at Wyndham Nashville. Or visit the Live Entertainment Capital of the World in Branson, Missouri, at Wyndham Branson at The Meadows.

See these renovations for yourself by booking a vacation with CLUB WYNDHAM today!

For more CLUB WYNDHAM resort updates and renovation news, visit the What’s Happening section of your own website: https://www.myclubwyndham.com/mycw/happening.page.

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More Space Leads to a Better Timeshare Vacation

Having a Kitchen and a Separate Living Area Greatly Improves the Quality of a Vacation

 In comparison to the cramped quarters of a hotel room, a timeshare provided with additional and needed room for families to spread out–for both durations together and season alone.

In fact, this has been proven in a recent research from ARDA and conducted by Leger, which showed that 89 percent of respondents who had a kitchen on their last vacation said it improved their vacation experience while 87 percent said that having a separate living place likewise led to a better vacation.

 Fifty percent say they used their kitchen every day during the course of their vacations.

Having an in-unit kitchen can help you save money and eat healthier on your vacation.

  1. Cooking fun dinners instead of dining out for every meal.
  2. Having the ability to prepare healthy foods.
  3. Having leftovers from one meal to the next saves eating out and dressing up
  4. It’s more relaxing and fun just being yourselves

The results of this survey are clear, having an in-unit kitchen and an extra living space in your vacation accommodations can enormously improve your vacation. So, the next time you are thinking about traveling consider timeshare rentals.

Read more: vacationbetter.org

Divi Little Bay Beach Resort, II, Has Reopened Its Doors In The Wake Of Hurricane Irma

May 15, 2018

Divi Little Bay Beach Resort, II, Has Reopened Its Doors In The Wake Of Hurricane Irma

Image result for divi-little-bay-beach-resort-

Click Here.

Divi Little Bay Beach Resort

Interval International

Six Antigua Resorts You Need to Visit Right Now

Not Everybody Can Use Their Timeshare Points To Buy A Car!

May 13, 2018

Not Everybody Can Use Their Timeshare Points To Buy A Car!

We read this article with suspicion. It must take an exorbitant number of points and moxy to do what this couple did.  Hmmm! “My wife is a major timeshare wizard.” Well, check it out and you decide. Click here!

Plan Better, Vacation Better. Why Timeshare Ownership Helps In Planning Your Vacations!

It’s been demonstrated that American workers are in frantic need of a trip . They are feeling extremely emphasized, tired and stuck in a rut. These workers realize that taking a vacation would equalize their work-life equilibrium, more they still fail to actually go on a trip.

Well, thanks to my best friend at Programme: Time Off , we now know the easiest way to ensure a trip each and every year: hope !

That’s right–simply mean ahead of time can significantly increase your probability of making time off of work for a vacation . Harmonizing to the State of American Vacation 2017, majority decisions( 52%) of workers who “says hes” set aside epoch each year to scheme out their vacation periods take all their time off, compared to just 40 percentage of non-planners.

They likewise tend to make longer trips . While three-in-four( 75%) planners take a week or more at a time, non-planners take significantly lower eras — zero to three–than planners at once( 42% to 18% ).

Scheming a trip commits many different aspects – where to leave, who to go with, when to go and how you are able to got to get. But those parts of planning are secondary to the most important part which is informing your work that you will need some time off.

While talking to your boss or superintendent can seem like a dishearten enterprise , Business Insider has come up with a index of tips-off and recommendations for what to do the weeks leading up to your vacation.

They recommend you :

Schedule yourself some jiggle room . Doing this allows you to have a duo epoches to are you ready prior to leaving for the expedition, and when you get back it assures you will have a day or two to adjust back to daily life so that you don’t get overwhelmed with wreak the second largest you render. Talk to everyone you work with. Make sure to tell your coworkers and patrons of your travel plan so they can adjust their schedules as well. And in the event something dire at work needs to be done while you’re apart, you will have parties in place to handle your responsibilities. Prioritize your tasks. This will help you accomplish anything major before departing from your vacation. It is important to do the most important things so that if someone has to cover for you, they are only faced with simple-minded tasks that are easy to administer. Lay down some communication ground rules. Relay to everyone on your unit, including your manager, the different ways to reach you, but even more importantly discuss with them that merely the most critical circumstances should interrupt your vacation time. Be careful what you upright on social media. It is important to remember that you will be returning to work after your trip, and you don’t wishes to irk the other workers who are covering for you. It is essential to remain professional, and if someone is going out of their path to help cover your work so you can trip- buy them a small endow to say thanks.

Be sure to follow these gratuities while you’re mean ahead for your next vacation ! And to make sure vacations become a yearly flee from part, consider investing in a timeshare, where each years’ vacation is once prepay, and there is a world of opportunities to explore.

Read more: vacationbetter.org

Timeshare Ownership Increases

Hawaii timeshare

Timeshare ownership started in the early 1970 ’s and has continued to grow as the most recent report from ARDA testifies as are audited by Ernst and Young. Although it seems the most recent receding had some outcome on the timeshare industry as a whole with sales volume hindering and the resale prices putting, timeshare possession and sales are now originating and stronger than ever. As we at All Islands Timeshare Resales have always claimed, if you have a timeshare owned, you are able to expedition and run no matter what happens in their own lives. This held true-blue after 9/11 when airfare and hotel rooms had a major worsen. Timeshare owneds in Hawaii still moved high-pitched residence as timeshare proprietors did not nullify their trips . Timeshare occupancy in Hawaii averaged 83.5%, which is higher than inn occupancy most of its first year. Timeshare proprietors will go, enjoy their vacation with family and friends as they are prepaid for the year’s trip-up. Many timeshare proprietors look at their ownership as vacation policy .

All Islands Timeshare Resales has had many timeshare owneds return to their home used in Hawaii and have bought added weeks to stay at the second largest dwelling longer. Many owneds will bring friends or family members, who are capable of also buys a timeshare for their trips cherishing the infinite and appliance of remain in a fully furnished condominium.

All Islands Timeshare Resales “ve sold” every timeshare campaign in the State of Hawaii and highly versed on all other aspects of each timeshare belonging. We welcome your questions on any timeshare owned and look forward to finding the best and right timeshare belonging for you and your family.

If you like the timeshare theme, buy on the resale market-saving thousands of dollars.

The post Timeshare Ownership Increases materialized first on All Islands Timeshare Resales.

Read more: timeshare-hawaii.com

Fitness on Vacation: 3 Easy Health Tips for Your Next Trip

Beach fitness videos for men and women.

A vacation can be one of the best ways to recharge, restore and relax. From experiencing a new city to soaking in sun-filled beach days, vacations are proving to be instrumental in balancing overall fitness. Another way to ensure a healthy balanced life is to exercise and eat right. Exercising or dieting on vacation may not seem like your ideal way to spend your time off. Hey, what’s is a vacation for, if you aren’t taking a break?

Exercising is actually an important part of relaxation. It helps improve your mood, fills your body with energy-inducing endorphins and is meditation in motion. Eating right can also help increase your energy and limit your stress levels. And the best part of less stress means more restful sleep!

In fact, enjoying fitness activities while on vacation is much more common than you might think. A recent survey from the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) conducted by research group Leger, found that 52% of vacationers work out every three days. And timeshare owners are leading this group, with 90% stating that they work out while on vacation.

So, are you wondering how to maintain your fitness while still making your vacation restorative? Take a look at these easy health trip tips.

1. Get Your Workout In

Sometimes the easiest and most rewarding exercises can be done in thirty minutes or less. And with the average timeshare unit measuring up to 1,050 square feet, there’s plenty of room to fit in a quick exercise routine without leaving the comfort of your room. Fitness apps such SWEAT and Kineticoach are great for finding short exercises that utilize your body weight and circuit training to keep your heart rate up, and your endorphins flowing.

Another way to get in some exercise is to explore your destination. Taking a  relaxing beachfront stroll, or discovering local attractions on foot or on a bike, are perfect ways to take in all your destination has to offer while keeping you active. One of the best parts of being a timeshare owner means you have access to exclusive excursion and activities that get you moving without making it feel like work.

2. Eat Healthily

One word – fresh. Take a tip from locals and find farmers markets, produce stands and specials that are unique to your destination. You’ll get to explore the people, food, and culture of your vacation spot while finding tasty new ingredients to cook with. Utilize the fully equipped kitchen in your timeshare to make vibrant and fresh meals with your family and friends. Not only can it be delicious and healthy, but you can increase quality time with the ones you love.

3. Balance Your Metal Health with Sleep

A good night’s rest goes a long way and vacations are the perfect time to catch up on those zzz’s. Having multiple rooms in your timeshare ensures everyone on your trip has their own space to unwind. Not only are you able to be in a new bed to help you detach from the usual stresses found at home, but you can get up to an extra hour of sleep. More restful sleep at night means you wake up with a clearer head and more energy to seize the day.

Make the most of your vacation by taking care of your well being and enjoying all your timeshare has to offer!


Read more: vacationbetter.org

Atlantis Resorts Expansion to Ko Olina Area on Oahu

Marriott ko olina beach club

The West Shore of Oahu within the Ko Olina area is becoming increasingly popular for Hawaii vacationers wishing to enjoy the beautiful beaches, but not be in the busy Waikiki locations. Marriott Ko Olina Beach Club has been an extremely popular timeshare destination for many years adding more towers to the timeshare property.   Disney Aulani has also become one of Disney’s most popular timeshare destinations within the Disney family of owners.     All Islands Timeshare Resales has been able to work with and help many Marriott Ko Olina Beach Club owners sell and purchase their timeshare ownerships over the past many years.

Atlantis Resorts is now eyeing expansion into the Ko Olina area, which validates the desire vacationers and timeshare owners have for the West Shore of Oahu in the Marriott Ko Olina Beach Club and Disney Aulani timeshare destinations and how popular that area has become.

Original source here

Now would be a great time to become a timeshare owner at the Marriott Ko Olina Beach Club with resale listings for 2 bedroom Ocean View Villas for as little as $13,500 per week.

The post: Atlantis Resorts Expansion to Ko Olina Area on Oahu appeared first on All Islands Timeshare Resales.

Read more: timeshare-hawaii.com

Acquisition of Starwood Vacation Ownership by Interval Leisure Group

Below is a letter that is being sent to Westin/Starwood owners explaining the acquisition of Starwood Vacation Ownership by Interval Leisure Group:

Dear Owner,

Earlier this year, Starwood Hotels & Resorts (Starwood) announced its intention to spin off its vacation ownership business into a stand-alone, public company. Today, we are excited to share that immediately following the spin, Starwood Vacation Ownership will be acquired by Interval Leisure Group (ILG), to become one of the industry’s largest providers of world-class vacation experiences. We anticipate this transaction to be completed in the second quarter of 2016 when we officially become a wholly-owned subsidiary of ILG.

ILG is a global provider of non-traditional lodging with a portfolio of leisure businesses, including branded vacation ownership, vacation rentals, and resort management, that currently operates more than 200 resort properties around the world. As an Owner, you may be familiar with Interval International® – their exchange subsidiary – and a valued partner with us over the past 15 years.

With the combination of our two companies, we will create a stronger, more integrated timeshare and exchange business resulting in a more robust portfolio of vacation offerings for Owners and Guests.

We will continue to be the exclusive provider of vacation ownership for the renowned Westin® and Sheraton® brands while providing all of the features and

benefits of ownership you have come to expect. As an Owner, you will continue enjoying your timeshare resorts as you always have as well as continued access to the industry-leading Starwood Preferred Guest® (SPG) program. Current reservation guidelines and fees, exchange rules, reservation rights, and exchange privileges through Starwood Vacation Network℠, Interval International, and other currency exchange options will all remain the same.

This announcement reinforces our plans for accelerated growth as ILG is committed to investing in new Westin and Sheraton properties. Most notably, The Westin Nanea Ocean Villas, currently under construction, will be the newest resort on beautiful Kā‘anapali Beach in Maui, opening in 2017. In early 2016, we are also scheduled to begin converting the remaining 96 poolside hotel rooms into vacation ownership villas at The Westin St. John Resort & Villas.

In addition, the five transferring Starwood properties announced earlier this year remain part of the transaction and are anticipated to provide additional inventory for Owners over time, including The Westin Resort & Spa, Los Cabos; The Westin Cancún Resort & Spa; The Westin Resort & Spa, Puerto Vallarta; Sheraton Kaua‘i Resort; and Sheraton Steamboat Resort. You can continue to access these hotel properties through the SPG program.

We believe becoming part of ILG is transformational for our company and holds great value for our Owners. This transaction puts us at the forefront of our industry, offering you and your family even more choices for unique and memorable vacation experiences.

Thank you for your continued loyalty. We are excited about our bright future together and will update you as more details become available.

Best Regards, Stephen G. Williams Chief Operating Officer

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4 Timeshare Myths You Should Know – Check Out “Quality Timeshare Closings” Below!

Quality Time Share Closings Logo

Like all industries in the world today, timeshare owners are being harassed by various scams that come and go, with new schemes sounding up all of the time. Many are not actually against position ordinances, but are simply unethical, based on half-truths and inflated data, preying on the vulnerable. Precisely as store clerks and cashiers need to be a group of experts on sincere money to bypass professing counterfeit money, timeshare owners and potential proprietors need to be fully educated to avoid the pitfalls.

Some of the Myths( the Not-1 00% -True-Information) out there ;

1) Buying on the resale grocery does not get you all of the same benefits as paying full rate from the developer 2) Your timeshare isn’t worth anything 3) Your teenagers will be mad at you after you die if you leave them your timeshare and its annual fees 4) It is not feasible to get rid of the timeshare without compensating an attorney thousands of dollars

Myth# 1- Purchase on the resale sell does not get you all of the same benefits as compensating full cost from the developer

If you purchased from a developer, you probably paid more than the property is selling for on the resale marketplace today. Many are reselling for $1.00. If you had known that, you likewise could have purchased for $1.00 and not had to impel burdensome loan payments. True, some are worth more, but few contain more than Continue reading “4 Timeshare Myths You Should Know – Check Out “Quality Timeshare Closings” Below!”

Warning! The Expense Of Las Vegas, Besides Gambling!

May 3, 2018

Warning! The Expense Of Las Vegas, Besides Gambling!


The expense of Las Vegas, besides gambling

Warning! Your expenses to visit Las Vegas may exceed your budget thinking. Is it worth it? We found some very interesting information about what is being charged for in Las Vegas, what once was “free”.

Check out “Las Vegas Advisor”  

Before planning your trip or vacation to Las Vegas, even if you own timeshare or exchange into Las Vegas with a timeshare.

We got caught up in this additional expense when we exchanged through Interval International into Las Vegas. When we checked out we were informed we owed additional expenses that we were not, at check-in, informed about.

  1. Daily room tax in that county similar to a hotel tax
  2. Daily Internet charge  

The Las Vegas Advisor will provide you with all the information you will need concerning these additional fees that are now being charged while in Las Vegas. Maybe it’s time to travel to other interesting places.

Elysian Beach Resort, St. Thomas, Club Wyndham, Timeshare Resort (RCI)

  • Elysian Beach Resort, St. Thomas, Club Wyndham, Timeshare Resort (RCI)

  • Most of the units at the resort have a view of the Caribbean Sea although some are closer than others
  • Please note that this resort does not have accessible units. There are no elevators on property; upper floor accessed by stairs
  • (A daily energy fee of $14 is assessed on-site.)
  • Image result for elysian beach resort

Escape to the sunny Caribbean at Elysian Beach Resort in St. Thomas: 

Enjoy activities on land and in the water at this palm-shaded timeshare resort overlooking a yacht-filled harbor. Spend your day shopping in Palm Passage before watching the sunset at Trunk Bay beach.

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    Enjoy Perfect White Sandy Beaches. Tons Of Free Family Activites!
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