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Hello, and welcome to RCI a worldwide leader in holiday exchange and travel services.

Our goal is to crack wonderful holiday memories and unforgettable experiences these video will explain the RCI holiday exchange system and your exclusive RCI member benefits So, w\hat is holiday exchange? RCI provides a system where you can exchange or holiday ownership whatever that may be without other RCI members This is called: holiday exchange Holiday exchange gives our members the opportunity to exchange within other timeshare resorts instead of going back to their home resort every year for example we have cruise exchanges, we have the interstate or even an european getaway you might own a week’s time share on a RCI affiliated resort or you could own RCI points it doesn’t matter you can trade private either for the holiday experience you’re looking for in 1974 RCI pioneered the concept of holiday exchange Today RCI is the largest holiday exchange network in the world we have more than fifty offices across the globe which means you’ll never be far from great holiday advice OK, not a problem I can help organize accommodation in Vegas And you are not alone.

The RCI holiday exchange network has more thanthree million members in over two hundred countries It is important to understand that here at RCI we did not build, manage or own resort properties We just have plenty of friends RCI is affiliated with more quality resorts than any other exchange provider these large network of friends means a greater exchange network for you and endless holiday destinations cruises and packages to choose from The system sounds complicated but it is really quite simple all the member has to do is to phone in and ask to a consultant how they utilize their weeks and that’s from there we take over and advise the best availability and utilization of it we take over and advise the best availability and utilization of it i think we’re the biggest benefit of RCI is in easy view There is an enormous range of available stuff You can get tremendous ideas Places to see places to get you excited You only have to ask Not putting yourself in a queue we got this we found universally the standards was always high Always welcome What a nice thing is not just at the hotel You feel that you belong that may sound corny but it was great so you purchase a weeks time share with RCI affiliated resort But what is that mean? well it means that you can choose to stay on your own resort or discover an exciting new holiday destination through RCI again, this is called holiday exchange if you would like to make use of RCI exchange network and it’s as easy as one two three One: deposit your timeshare week with RCI Two: Search the thousands of holiday options available you can’t do this by calling one of our friendly holiday consultants, or by logging into Three: book your holiday exchange and pack your bags So, how do you book an holiday exchange with RCI? Couldn’t be easier…

Before you even know where you want to go for your next holiday call our experienced holiday consultants who will bank your week into RCI’s exchange pool this exchange pool stores all of the timeshare week of RCI members around the globe one of main benefits of being a RCI member Is being able to exchange timeshare to basically make a swap one-for-one something you’ve got to something somebody else’s got the RCI exchange pool they’ve got four thousand affiliated resorts across the world so is always easy for member to make exchanges here are a couple of tips to help you get the most out of your RCI membership bank your weight as soon as you know you are not traveling back to your home resort The earlier you deposit your week with RCI the better chance you have of takinf your prepared holiday you can even deposit your week up to two years in advance Our staff will advise you of the availability of the destinations you’re thinking of visiting once again The sooner you call us The better chance you have on booking your preferred holiday even if you’re just tied with future holiday ideas, give RCI a call the variety of the holidays is endless the variety of the holidays is endless once you’ve deposited your week and decided where and when you’d like to travel you’ll ready to make for holiday exchange and decided where and when you’d like to travel you’ll ready to make for holiday exchange RCI’s advanced reservation system taps into the exchange pool of availability and searches for a holiday that matches your specific holiday requirements in cases where RCI is unable to instantly confirm your holiday exchange due to high demand You may initiate an ongoing personalized computer search This is called a request your request is compared with newly deposited weeks as they enter the exchange system each day and once you dream holiday becomes available, an RCI holiday consultant will call you you will be given the choice of booking these holidays for continuing your holiday search Here some tips on placing a holiday exchange request be open to other destinations that may offer the same holiday experience you’re looking for rather than concentrating on a single holiday destination be flexible with travel dates and resorts the broather your, criteria the more holiday options you have request the unit size based on the number of people in your party not the size of the unit you own You just logon just book confirmation that you have their timeshare of reasonable rights as well as well as having thousands of options available circle about stars who are still unanswered also includes claim to societal benefits today holiday rentals ackhouse accommodation options available it heavily discounted rates these days you more opportunities to holiday popular destinations asean members are offered massive savings of up to thirty percent on retail prices end you don’t have to exchange awake to take advantage of these additional holidays also keep an eye out for our bonus week holidays rental deals which a perfect last minute getaway one of the other by a bit of a travail asi lai is the virus wakes because as we often have a crowd of people who were admitted to overcome affordability so we’ve got an associate position from time to talk that we can actually send it on all of that i sent to you that our jet and a half there’s just a great extremely well for them and thrust is to help someone else lucian travel is an award-winning full-service accredited travel agency friendly and experienced staff can help you with anything from discounted domestic and international flights to come on two hours mail travel insurance and much more we’ve got your holiday covered one year i knew that i was ready for a holiday and i knew that i wanted to go thailand directly rang up the eiffel has some advice and i got the strike three to one of the travel consultants and through their a minister organize might be a fierce my bookings with the exchange weeks by miss wakes and my daughter rachel transfers to and from and the travel insurance if i did the whole raft it was just such a life-size anita that holiday and i might add so easy and quick for me today click on c_i_a_ to its has specially created commanders keen to travel in groups too exciting destinations and events weeping together like minded travelers and offer amazing shared experiences all over the globe incorporate your weekly toes in europe canada africa and china creating life-long friendships with other asean members you can exchange of time-share week plus cash bro wonderful cruise holiday with all of the leading cruise lines there are hundreds to choose from travel to places like canada alaska about common

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