Royal Holiday Timeshare Investigation By 20/20 TV Show

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Note: The video below was taken sometime ago and aired on 20/20 news. It is worth watching. It is one reason that my wife and I do not own RCI points. We own 3 deeded timeshare properties where when we want to exchange our resort for another resort we have always been happy with the exchanges over the last 13 years of timesharefun ownership.  Check out this link explaining why we do not like points by clicking here.

20/20 Royal Holiday Timeshare Investigation - - Timeshare Rescue20/20 Royal Holiday Timeshare Investigation – – Timeshare Rescue
An ABC news special on Royal Holiday Vacation Club 20/20. A hidden camera investigation.

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BBB on Homes: What you should know about vacation timeshare purchase
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Owning a piece of a resort property that guarantees you an annual vacation and the chance to use exchange privileges for other properties around the world is an alluring dream that has created the $1.5 billion timeshare industry. Thousands of timeshare 

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