Timeshare Properties – vs – VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owners)

Although my wife and I are mainly timeshare vacation owners we have vacationed in Bend, Oregon this past year in a beautiful (VRBO) property. It was a 5 bedroom home 15 minutes from our daughters home. She was getting married and the VRBO home was the right size for our entire family and others.

This was an option we had never considered before. Because there are so few Interval International timeshare properties in Bend we decided to give (VRBO) a chance. There was quite a selection of properties.

(VRBO) Vacation Rentals By Owners
(VRBO) Vacation Rentals By Owners
We shared the cost with other family members. It was a great way to vacation where timeshare was not available.

Click Here for VRBO information.

Author: Cary

Retired with many years of timeshare experiences. My wife and I love our timeshare vacations. We are trying to educate the public on the value of timeshare vacation properties, providing the timeshare properties are deeded and purchased on the resale market. That's where the real value is.