Interval International Overview & Our Timeshare Experiences Over The Last 13 Years…

Timeshare Vacation at Lake Tahoe, NV.
This video below will give you a quick overview of Interval International’s system and how it works whether you are an II member or a RCI member or just someone interested in how timeshare works. My wife and I have been members for 13 years and we love the fond memories of all the 5 star accommodations we have stayed at over those years.

My wife and I own only 7 day deeded weeks. We own 3 deeded weeks and love the exchange to other timeshare resorts in the Interval International system within the United States. We have not exchanged to out of country resorts. There are enough places to see right here in the United States.

Our total initial investment for these 3 deeded weeks was only $3,400 on the resale timeshare market. We purchased these from former timeshare owners who no longer needed nor wanted their timeshare properties. Check our Click Here to see our Pelican Greens Timeshare Unit we purchased for only $400.

If you are interested in taking a look at some excellent timeshare resale units at Breezy Point here in Minnesota contact Vacation Ownership For Less and take a look at some excellent timeshare properties guarantying you and your family some great Minnesota vacations with a deed and title. I doubt that you can vacation for less by renting cabins at less accommodating resorts.

Anyway, that’s our personal opinion. We have over 3,000 timeshare resorts for you to inquire about. Just go to the search boxes to the right of the page for information you might be looking for. Thanks for stopping by.

Cary & Elaine

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Were your timeshare experiences good or bad. Can you recommend your favorite resorts?

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