Timeshare Addict – I Wouldn’t Do It!

Timeshare Addict – I wouldn’t do it – but apparently someone does. I just had to review this video called, “timeshare slayer”. The video is clear and the presenter tells how he and his family stay at timeshare resorts for very little money because all he has to do is take a 90 minute timeshare presentation during his promise of a 2-3 night stay at these resorts.
Well, my wife and I own 3 deeded timeshare vacation properties and we take maybe one or two timeshare presentations per year while staying at resorts we have exchanged into. Sometimes we don’t. We do it for research of today’s current timeshare activity and to keep our audience informed. But for someone to do it up to 10 times per year would not make my wife happy and I could not waste 900 minutes of time listening to the same old spiel.
But, to each its own. This is America and saving money in one form or another is creative. See how we do it by clicking our <strong>Coffee Budget and paying our maintenance fee’s.

Were your timeshare experiences good or bad. Can you recommend your favorite resorts?

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