What is meant by beneficiary deed? Pay Attention Timeshare Owners!

What is meant by beneficiary deed?

Picture of a simple beneficiary deed for Missouri State

(Particularly Timeshare Owners)

If you purchased deeded timeshare property out of the state you are living in you should consider this option for transferring your timeshare vacation property to anyone you wish without your desired beneficiary going thru the terrible process of probate. Keep it out of the probate court. Lawyers love probate. It’s their bread and butter to making money.

What is meant by beneficiary deed?

Answer: A beneficiary deed is a type of real property deed used to transfer property. By signing and recording a beneficiary deed, an owner of an interest in real property may cause the owner’s interest in the real property to be conveyed to people or entities on the owner’s death without going thru probate. Very simple!

What states have beneficiary deeds?

The above states are just an example of “Beneficiary Deeds” in those states. All you have to do is type in the name of a state and search for “Beneficiary Deeds” in each state. You won’t regret having the forms on hand in case something should happen. The very process of even allowing your out of state timeshare to go thru probate is absurd!

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