Where Can You Purchase 4-5 Star Timeshare Resale Bargins?

Happy Timeshare Owners, Cary & Elaine
Happy Timeshare Owners, Cary & Elaine

We can only tell you about our experiences with purchasing timeshare property, on the resale market,and give you assurances that it worked well for us.

We own 3 weeks of titled and deeded timeshare property. We do not own points related timeshare. We don’t believe in buying air.

At the top of this posts are 4-5 star timeshare resorts where we own deeded timeshare weeks. We have a total of $3,400 original invested money in these 3 deeded weeks. So, we enjoy 3 weeks of vacation every year in beautiful 4-5 star resorts in two bedroom accommodations.

If you were to click on the links of the 3 resorts listed above we can assure you that you will receive excellent service with these resorts.

For Example: We found this ad “for sale” of a summer or high demand week at Treetop Village in Missouri, where we own a high demand summer week. Click this link to see the ad. for an incredible $499. It doesn’t get any better than that.

All 3 of these resorts listed at the top of this posting have some great buys. In most of the units that are listed “for sale” you would be able to purchase this year, and use it for less than renting at any of these resorts.

Good Luck and let us know of your purchase success.

Cary & Elaine

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