Why We Recommend Tug2.Net – In Case You Are Interested, Like We Were, In Owning Another Timeshare Week From The Resale Market!

Nov. 19, 2017

(We here at Timesharefun.com do not receive any compensation for recommending this resort, but we do own a deeded week.) 

We here at Timesharefun.com have personally used Tug2.net to purchase a Prime May-June re-sale week for only $400 from  previous owners who were not longer using their timeshare, for exchanging purposes,  and wished to sell.  Here is the unit we purchased from the previous owners. Two bedroom, two bath, enclosed hot tub in the living area Click Here.

 The  deeded week was at Breezy Point International only 3 hours from our home here in Minnesota. The previous owners lived only one mile outside of Breezy Point International and partly purchased the timeshare for the privileges of using the resort facilities anytime during the year when family and relatives visited. Otherwise, during the 10 years they owned the deeded week they used it for exchanging vacations to other resorts around the USA. 

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We had a professional closing facility take care of all the details and the exchange of ownership took place within 30 days. We have used our deeded week every year for the last 5 years and continue to look forward every spring early summer to using it. 

Click here for the current listings of deeded or point related timeshare weeks at Breezy Point.

Breezy Point Timeshare Offices


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