Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket… What Is It?

Worldwide Timeshare Hypermarket… What Is It?

Buyer Beware!  Don’t be pressured. My wife and I own 3 weeks of timeshare that we purchased for pennies on the dollar on the re-sale market. So, we own 3 deeded vacation weeks purchased from sellers who wanted out.

But we did our research. There were certain things we wanted.

1. Deeded title to a specific week at a specific resort.

2. We wanted only 2 bedroom units, nothing less.

3. We wanted only resorts that were close to home.

4. We did not want anything to do with a points program.

5. We wanted only seasoned resorts that were now controlled by the timeshare owners association.

6. We wanted a resort with 4-5 star rating.

This is what we ended up with for pennies on the dollar and all purchased from timeshare owners who had listed their timeshare units on the Internet.

First Timeshare Resort:

Breezy Point International , Minnesota

Check out Breezy Point. Re-sale weeks very reasonable through the resorts re-sale website at:

Second Timeshare Resort: The Village At Izaty’s, Minnesota

Third Timeshare Resort: Treetop Village, Lake of the Ozrks, Missouri. Very in-expensive timeshare weeks by owners directly through their resort website. Contact their office and you will be able to find out what’s for sale through the associations office.

# 14

We know nothing about the companies linked below. But review for yourself and do your research. My wife and I, as mentioned before, do not like the point system. We like buying a deeded specific week at a resort close to our home, if possible, and when we exchange we exchange for a 7 day week elsewhere. No messing around with points. 7 days for 7 days. It has worked for us for 13 years and we have had some great vacations at some of the best resorts we could not have afforded otherwise.


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