2015 Timeshare Vacation – Breezy Point International, Minnesota (RCI)


For some time, We have been looking forward to our 2015 Memorial week timeshare unit in Pelican Greens at Breezy Point, Minnesota.. Click here to see why we enjoy this timeshare unit called Pelican Greens.
After a long winter and a cold spring, we are here in a timeshare deeded unit we purchased on the resale market for only $400 4 years ago. For our first two days, we invited two of our favorite friends from our home town of Pelican Rapids, MN. Thank You for joining us Ramon and Maria Zavala.

Breezy Point 2015 Timeshare Vacation
Breezy Point 2015 Timeshare Vacation

They left yesterday because they had to get back to work. It was fun sharing our timeshare unit with both of them. The first day, when the sun was out, we took advantage of being able to drive around and just relax and stop at some garage sales and then visit a truly tourist-filled town called Nisswa, MN. Pizza for lunch and ice cream for desert in a small shop packed with tourists.

The 2nd day it rained all day. So, we enjoyed that day reading books, taking naps and playing cards. That’s what we call having fun whether it is raining or shining. Timeshare is truly a stress reliever.

More friends will be joining us for two days later this afternoon. Have you read our article about the “Benefits of Owning Timeshare”? Click here to read that article.

Believe it or not, my wife loves to cook and make meals while timeshare vacationing. That is one of the reasons we love our timeshare units. We don’t have to always eat out at expensive resort restaurants.

Breezy Point 2015 Timeshare Vacation
Breezy Point 2015 Timeshare Vacation
That can add a substantial expense to a person’s vacation budget. We do, however, treat ourselves to one or two meals at restaurants outside of our unit during the week. We are not reclusive shut-ins.

Here, Maria, who also loves to cook, made use of our kitchen in Pelican Greens.

The benefits are having great meals without eating out. Other timeshare owners we have met over the years prefer to eat out while on a timeshare vacation because they are on vacation and don’t want to cook any meals. Well, why then buy a fully furnished timeshare? A hotel usually will do but each to their own, right?

What has impressed my wife and I over the years is that our timeshare association has really outdone themselves as far as keeping our unit fresh and updated. For example: Over the last 3 years we had not had Internet connections in our unit. We usually had to take our computers to the main check-in and recreation center in the picture above. To our surprise, this year we have Internet in our unit from which I am writing to you. Excellent!

Other things we noticed, new umbrellas on our deck facing the golf course, and in the master bedroom there is a new flat screen TV which we did not have last year. Our board of directors has done well in maintaining our unit. Also, whenever we have a problem in the unit, no matter if it is a week day or week-end, they usually send someone very quickly.

Another reason we look forward to our timeshare week, other than it being a Memorial timeshare vacation week, is Breezy Point has a contract every year to bring in the starting summer week entertainment of Elvis Presley. This impersonator has been entertaining here for close to 20 years. A really fun time for Breezy Point vacationers.

Breezy Point 2015 Timeshare Vacation
Breezy Point 2015 Timeshare Vacation
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