Accessible Travel Week – Accessible Accomodation Revealed – Holiday Inn

Today we are going to be looking at accommodation.

This is one of the most vital parts of any trip for handicap people.  It gives us the chance to sleep and to freshen up after a long day, before we check out the town during the evening.

Unfortunately,there are quite a few difficulties a in finding accessible accomodations, whether that being in the bedroom or the bathroom.

 So today I am at Holiday Inn who are one of the known leading experts in catering for accessible rooms.

 A bit later on I am going to be sharing my top tips on accommodation as well.

For now I am going to head indoors and show you around one of their great rooms.

M: Hello. Receptionist: Hello. Are you ok? M: Very well thank you. Holiday Inn requires all of its 278 hotels in Europe to provide accessible rooms. There are a total of 862 accessible rooms across the Holiday Inn accomodations in Europe.

Properties with the most accessible rooms include:

Holiday Inn Belfast City Centre  has 13 rooms designed for physically disabled people; Holiday Inn Manchester Media City, Holiday Inn London Stratford City and Holiday Inn Athens Attica Avenue Airport West, each have 10 accessible rooms.

Each hotel provides its own parking facility it has a minimum of two accessible parking spaces. So I am here in the accessible bedroom as you can see there is plenty of room to move around with the wheelchair. One of the main features I wanted to show you and why we have come to Holiday Inn today is the overhead hoist as you can see here.

There’s a really really long track ceiling hoist so you have got a lot of room to move around. As you come down you can see there is a sling so obviously you can bring your own or you can use the one that’s provided and also if we just quickly look under the bed, it is quite unusual to have space for the manual hoist. Lots of different places have different types of beds so even if you are actually to go somewhere and bring your manual hoist that means that you can get the legs under the bed as well which is really good. So we’ll move on into the bathroom and show you that now. Having moved into the bathroom you can see its really large and spacious. I am here with my electric wheelchair. If we go this way a little bit more we can see that there is the same hoist from the bedroom. It has been unclipped and then put on to the tracking here and you can also see a shower rail up there which would need removing.

If you would want to be able to use the bathroom with the hoist that is not a problem if you request that in advance. In general some people like baths and others do prefer having a shower, a roll in shower. So I would say in general do your research, ask the individual hotel and do all that before making a decision on where to go and stay. So that brings us to the end of the video on accommodation. In terms of a few parting tips I wanted to give you beyond what we have seen at Holiday Inn today, I would say: do your reaserch, know what your personal needs and requirements are, always double check with the actual hotel manager or hotel itself.

Once you get there be flexible and have a good time.  Each hotel provides its own parking facility  because that is what travel is all about. It is getting out there and enjoying it no matter what little bits and bobs might go a bit wrong along the way. If you want to download more of my tips on accommodation, fill out the details below and we’ll also give you an update on the final fourth video of Accessible Travel Week which will be going live. It is sad to finish the week but there is lots of useful information, including a new project that I am going to be launching so watch out for that. I am about to head of on this kind of grey and dreary day to prepare for that so see you later. Bye bye..

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Handicap and wheelchair accomodations

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