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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Well, it’s our first full day after checking into our timeshare at Breezy Point Resort at Breezy Point, MN.

What surprised us when we checked in was overhearing someone checking in asking the person at the desk, since they had RCI points, would they be able to get the same unit they had last year. The answer was “No”. We do not own points so we didn’t have to worry. Ours is a certain deeded week that we own every year. We prefer deeded property to the RCI point system 

We checked into our timeshare deeded week at 4pm yesterday. It almost feels like we have been here a week already.

Last night we took a walk from our unit to the main resort activity area by the convention center and next to the marina and deck area where food and beverages are sold.   WOW, we could not believe the number of people sitting outside enjoying the evening and the entertainment. It was a perfect evening. We even sat through some Elvis entertainment. Great music and entertainment. What a way to end our day and evening.

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My wife and I have stayed at Causeway On Gull timeshare resort. It was a Christmas vacation and we had a great time. All of our married family members and our grandchildren were there for that Christmas.

At one time we had at least 17 family members and relatives for Christmas dinner. You couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas.

We stayed in the timeshare units you see in this picture:  Causeway On Gull

Author: Cary

Retired with many years of timeshare experiences. My wife and I love our timeshare vacations. We are trying to educate the public on the value of timeshare vacation properties, providing the timeshare properties are deeded and purchased on the resale market. That's where the real value is.