Breaking News! Timeshare Scam Letter…

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Well, we finally got our timeshare scam letter this month. It was addressed to me and said, ” You now qualify for a permanent Maintenance Fee elimination.

All of your future Timeshare Maintenance bills may be permanently eliminated. Some restrictions may apply.

We have attempted contacting you previously without success. If you prefer to continue making a Maintenance Fee payments, please disregard this notice. We cannot guarantee qualification unless you contac us prior to May 21, 2015.

Association Management Department

Call 888-755-7904″

Note: We have 3 deeded weeks of timeshare property. I wonder how they got our mailing address? Hmmmm! Well we decided to do an Internet search for the address that was given us.

We found this website called with lots of comments.

Of, course my letter goes into the shredder now. We report you decide.

Were your timeshare experiences good or bad. Can you recommend your favorite resorts?

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