Can You Shake Hands With Your Timeshare Board of Directors? We can….

August 21, 2017

The Village at Izaty’s 2016 annual meeting. It was a great and informative meeting with over 50 timeshare owners present.

Really, Can you shake hands with any member of your timeshare board of directors?  We can. That is what makes the difference between a deeded timeshare property and points with these huge franchise timeshare resorts where the prices of timeshare points have skyrocketed over the years.

We have attended many of our annual timeshare meetings and what’s important to us is who is taking the time voluntarily to maintain our units and the latest news about our timeshare resort.

The above picture is of our 2016 annual meeting. Can you honestly say you have met anyone outside of your fast talking salesman?  There are lots of smaller timeshare resorts that have a resale office but one of the best places to check is at 

Do your research folks before purchasing on impulse!

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