Cancelling a Mexican timeshare within the recession period

Timeshare Scams And Advice – Mexico


Align:start prophy Co a government agency that helps consumers solve issues with merchants states in its 56 article of the federal Consumer Protection Act that timeshare purchasers have five business dates and cancel and recoup their down payment many resorts try to waive this right by not disclosing it to the client or having clients signing a cancellation waiver this is illegal and should not be permitted be careful if you were asked to give up your cancellation rights cancel your contract right away and honest company will not ask you to do this Mexican timeshare solutions can help you rescind your purchase regardless if you cancel within five days or later please contact Mexican timeshare solutions today to see how we can help you cancel your timeshare contract in three simple steps remember MTS does not collect any upfront fees so you can be sure your peace of mind is our main goal for a detailed consultation in your timeshare matter call eight eight eight two seven five three five nine five or email us at info at timeshare scam calm

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