Crystal Shores resort on Marco Island, Florida

June 2, 2017

A crane and rising tower loom behind the pool area in the existing portion of Crystal Shores. After years on hold, the Marriott Vacation Club's Crystal Shore property on Collier Blvd. is being readied for completion next year. Lance Shearer/Eagle Correspondent

Well, I wonder how much new prospective timeshare owners will be asked to pay for deeded weeks or points (Ugh!) at this Marriott resort. Seems to be no end to the prices people are willing to pay for these types of properties. It looks like Marriott has been working on this property for some sometime. Click here if you have an interest. 

Also, Click here about people who are suing Marriott based on the fact that “Points” do not give you a title or a deed to anything. (We agree with that) Our opinion only.

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