Direct Timeshare vs. Resale Timeshare Benefits?

April 22, 2017

The title of  Direct Timeshare vs. Resale Timeshare Benefits refers to buying at retail from a salesman at any timeshare resort or buying through the Internet for as little as $1.00 or elsewhere from a current customer or anyone looking to get rid of their  timeshare for little or nothing.

My wife and I own 3 deeded weeks at 3 different resorts. One week was given to us outright from someone who paid $8,800 but never used it, another we purchased directly at a resort, through their association without any salesman and another was purchased from a user who used it for extensive travels over the years and no longer were traveling. They paid somewhere around $10,000 for it 10-12 years earlier and were willing to pay all closing costs and letting it go for only $400.

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