Getting Rid Of Your Timeshare Properties…..

Getting Rid Of Your Timeshare


You will see Internet ads about “Getting rid of your timeshare properties”, on our TimeShareFun website, but it does not mean we intend to give up our 3 weeks of timeshare. Yes, we are in our 70’s but we are healthy and we love to travel to fantastic timeshare resorts here in the United States.

The ads you see on this website do not earn us lots of money but are a way to help defray some of the Internet hosting fees and other costs incurred through hosting this site. I guess we would write about timeshare whether we are paid or not.

So, clicking on the ads you see on our website does not mean we endorse those ads. And we most definitely do not intend to give up our timeshare vacations anytime soon, health permitting.

Were your timeshare experiences good or bad. Can you recommend your favorite resorts?

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