If You Can’t Hold It In Your Hand, Do You Own It?

July 19, 2017

Pelican Greens TSOA

I was visiting with a close friend when he said something that made me think, “Hey, this applies to “Deeds vs Points”. With a deeded timeshare for a certain week every year, at the resort you like, with the ability to exchange to other resorts around the world for a 7 day vacation, what do you own if you own points? 

It’s just that if you like a timeshare resort, close to your home, at least every year you can use it at your home resort. Sometimes, you might not able to exchange to another resort but you can go to your own resort close by. As an example:

For years we used our timeshare resort at Breezy Point International for exchanging. We didn’t you it at our resort. But, we are older now and it has been great just driving the 2.5 miles to the resort and spending it there instead of exchanging to an outstate resort.

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