Is a timeshare right for you?

Is a timeshare right for you? Well, It can be if you buy on the resale market. That’s how we did it. We purchased 3 deeded weeks on the resale market for less than $3,400 dollars. Looking at the article below people are spending an average of $20,000 on today’s market and with average yearly maintenance fee’s of over $800.

Read the consumer reports article by clicking this link and then check out a couple of resorts where we own that offer timeshare resale weeks from previous owner who are willing to sell for as little as $1.00. Both resorts offer excellent advice, and how you can avoid paying an average of $20,000 at retail for a timeshare vacation by a high pressure salesman.

Click here for a 5 star timeshare vacation at several resorts in Minnesota.

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for excellent re-sale prices where you deal directly with the resorts association office where prebious owners are now willing to sell for very little.