Is Disney Vacation Club Worth the Money?

Is the Disney Vacation Club  a great way to save money on the trip?

 Is Disney Vacation Club worth the money?

Also, is  their Disney Credit Card a deal?   We heard their your credit card rewards go toward saving money on the trip or a flat percent off the trip.

Instead of paying for a future trip you might not take. Disney Vacation Club is cheaper if you buy the points and use them every year. You would pay about $1,200 to $2,000 for a $2,500 vacation in their points systems.

Why the price difference? It is  cheaper to go Monday through Thursday than over the weekend. Disney Vacation Club requires you to pay dues to be in the club. You have to pay for the upgrades and taxes for the club membership, whether or not you go. So, if you go to Disney World or Disney Land every year, you save money.

An important question, do you actually go to a Disney park or take a Disney cruise every year?

It would motivate you to go. If you only go once every few years, you’re losing money. And you’re locked into a contract to pay for the points every time. Your points secure you a stay at the resort in premium rooms. You can pay to upgrade from the Disney points vacation you’ve planned to the one you want. It’s cheaper to buy points if you’ll use them than pay for a vacation package. You’d have to pay the taxes on your stay. And the cost of points goes up each year, as does the maintenance. It is promoted as being emotionally satisfying. Ah, the last resort of the salesman. Buy it so you’ll feel good! If you’re saying the math isn’t worth it. If the math equation is that hard to figure out as to whether or not it’s a deal, you shouldn’t. Don’t buy what you don’t understand. I understand it, because it’s a prepaid vacation. It’s a timeshare with cute Mickey Mouse ears. And what emotional satisfaction you get from a once in a lifetime vacation is eroded by every check you pay for a trip you didn’t take this year.

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