Is RCI worth it?

Jun 07, 2017, 6:30 PM

A Customers Answer To RCI Points System

How did you sell your timeshare? We bought in Dec 2015 and have lost all of our vacations because there are never weeks open at the resorts we are interested in. I have never been more disappointed with a purchase in my life. I am desperately wanting to sell.

Our Answer To This Customer: 

I doubt it. My wife and I do not own points. We have 3 deeded specific weeks at 3 different resorts in the USA. We have never had a problem exchanging our 3 weeks to different resorts for different times through out the USA. But we have noticed in the last couple of years it takes longer to get an exchange. We are with (II) exchange. That change, we think, is because of the point system. Some of the resorts we have exchanged into are with both the RCI and the II exchange system. The points are taking up the weeks exchange because some people want only week-end exchange and some want only time during the week. That means the weeks are taken up by two families using the week rather than one family taking the week. It also affects the expense of exchangeing because it takes maintenance and maid service twice during the week rather than only once in the oringinal exchange concept when started over 20 years ago.

Another customers response to the RCI point system: 

Thank you for that info. I had no idea why RCI changed the way it did. We bought a week in Mexico in 1995 to expire in 30 years. The maintenance fees were something like $350. Now they have a new system with different values assigned to different resorts which peaked havoc in any plans we tried to make, with the result that some years we are unable to use the week at all. The exchange fees have gone way up and they nickel and dime you for everything now. The maintenance fees have gone up too, as could be expected, but they’re now upwards of $800. All in all, they have ruined what was a good concept for people like us who are not millionaires and don’t have unlimited free time. It’s very frustrating.

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