Timeshare Points Is A Crazy System Of Someone’s Money Grabbing Imagination!

May 20, 2017

Just remember that the original concept of timeshare was one week of vacation every year along with a deed and title, but the concept took a different turn years ago when the Point system was cooked up.

With points you really don’t know what you get and to prove it look at the study of how points compare between the various point related resorts in the market today. Click here.

Read what we have published in the past about Points vs Deeds here. 

About Us and Deeded Timeshare vs Points Timeshare

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Deeded Timeshare vs Points Timeshare

This is our opinion only of Deeded Timeshare vs Points Timeshare programs. Think about it before making your decision to invest in a timeshare property.

The original concept was a deeded title of ownership for a week of vacation time at a particular resort that you would own, just like your home. You own it, period! You would be able to use it, rent it or sell it. This is what we like and what we own.

In recent years someone came up with a points concept. You own so many points based on the vacation demand of a particular resort, the season value at that particular resort etc,etc. You would still have to pay maintenance fees on the number of points someone decided your resort was worth. Who is that someone?
We have been to maybe 20 presentations, the most recent was in June 2013, this year. Now, this is where it gets confusing. The sales pitch now includes using points for airfare and other items no longer within the scope of deeded timeshare. So, where is this all going?
If your points at a particular resort gives you one week vacation every year but you use some of those points for airfare and other items being sold in the presentation, does that not cut down on the value of the original concept of deeded timeshare vacation property?Folks, the Points program really sounds great and if you have never been to a timeshare vacation you can easily be sold, so watch out.

**My wife and I have 3 deeded timeshare vacation weeks and we have never been disappointed in using and exchanging our original deeded concept weeks.