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Hello, and welcome to RCI a worldwide leader in holiday exchange and travel services.

Our goal is to crack wonderful holiday memories and unforgettable experiences these video will explain the RCI holiday exchange system and your exclusive RCI member benefits So, w\hat is holiday exchange? RCI provides a system where you can exchange or holiday ownership whatever that may be without other RCI members This is called: holiday exchange Holiday exchange gives our members the opportunity to exchange within other timeshare resorts instead of going back to their home resort every year for example we have cruise exchanges, we have the interstate or even an european getaway you might own a week’s time share on a RCI affiliated resort or you could own RCI points it doesn’t matter you can trade private either for the holiday experience you’re looking for in 1974 RCI pioneered the concept of holiday exchange Today RCI is the largest holiday exchange network in the world we have more than fifty offices across the globe which means you’ll never be far from great holiday advice OK, not a problem I can help organize accommodation in Vegas And you are not alone.

The RCI holiday exchange network has more than Continue reading “RCI Timeshare”

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