What’s Wrong With This Picture? You’ve Got To Do Your Research Folks!

Nov. 4, 2017

October 31, 2017

A widow of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks is among a group of consumers who tell Better Business Bureau (BBB) they lost thousands of dollars to Springfield, Mo.-based Martin Management Group after entering into agreements to have the company liquidate timeshare property.


What’s wrong with this picture?

The Springfield, MO BBB has this information about Martin Management Group and the company has Facebook information about their company.

Nice pictures on the Internet can make it look like a great company. But factual information from the BBB tells a different story.


Pro Timeshare Resales of Florida Stole $15 Million From Timeshare Owners….


Author of Timesharefun.com

Another unbelievable account of timeshare resale company in Florida. Read the links below.  

Click Here for the FTC report. It’s obscene 

Click Here for the Better Business Bureau Information


With all the protections our government provides it still happens. Our website tries to provide everything we can on a daily basis to our customers.  The Internet today can also help anyone looking for answers. 

BBB: Scammer targets people who want out of timeshare contracts …

BBB: Scammer targets people who want out of timeshare contracts …
15 hours ago DENVER — We often hear from people who are trying to get out from under a
timeshare property. It’s difficult, and scammers are taking …

Branson Travel Club ‘Destinations’ Tied To Troubled VSA Holdings …

Branson Travel Club ‘Destinations’ Tied To Troubled VSA Holdings …
Feb 4, 2016 BBB first learned of the most recent Destinations sales seminars … the Woods to
prison after the men pleaded guilty to income tax evasion in …

BBB Says Timeshare Reselling Scams Are Still Prevalent!

BBB says timeshare reselling scams are still prevalent | Hometown …
23 hours ago Timeshare reselling scams have really ramped up in recent years,” said Dana
Badgerow, president and CEO of BBB of Minnesota and North …

Timeshare reselling scams still prevalent – International Falls Journal
1 day ago Timeshare reselling schemes continue to plague the marketplace and …Timeshare reselling scams still prevalentBetter Business Bureau.

Timeshare News and Scams – ConsumerAffairs.com
Timeshare resale scam still claiming victims ….. That’s why Visa says it is teaming
up with the FTC to help timeshare owners avoid these schemes in the first place.
….. Common complaints about these companies involve the use of false and …

Consumer Alert and Fraud Warning Regarding Timeshare Resale …
following are three of the common fraudulent practices that the DRE has seen: 1.
timeshare resale scam can be started and operated with a website anywhere
in … fee, ask them questions, lots of questions, and then verify, verify, and still
verify … salesperson says that he or she can do the work independent of a broker
, …

timeshare scams – TimeshareSecrets.com
What follows is a list of the 4 most common timeshare resale scams that fool most
people. … You’re left with no money and you still own the timeshare. … Five Signs
You Are Walking Into a Timeshare Resale Scam …. They say the money is being
held in escrow until your timeshare sells, when in fact they are being held in …