Beneficiary Deed vs the Cost of Probate in Timeshare Ownership

Good morning everyone.

We sit here watching out our kitchen window watching the fall leaves coming off the trees. It’s a sad reminder here in Minnesota that winter may be only a month or two before the snow shows up. And to think that we only rode our motorscooter less than 10 miles this past summer.

Well anyway, we want to point out that if you own timeshare real estate outside of your state you should consider a “Beneficiary Deed” if your kids or relatives are interested in your timeshare. Otherwise, having a timeshare property going through a “probate” process is a lawyers dream.

Use your computer and look up “Beneficary Deeds” in the state where you own the timeshare and print one out or order one from the state where your timeshare is located. Otherwise, click here for a simple “beneficiary deed”  you should be able to print. 

Just some advice to keep that part of your wishes out of the hands of an estate attorney. It’s not worth it.