Warning! The Expense Of Las Vegas, Besides Gambling!

May 3, 2018

Warning! The Expense Of Las Vegas, Besides Gambling!


The expense of Las Vegas, besides gambling

Warning! Your expenses to visit Las Vegas may exceed your budget thinking. Is it worth it? We found some very interesting information about what is being charged for in Las Vegas, what once was “free”.

Check out “Las Vegas Advisor”  

Before planning your trip or vacation to Las Vegas, even if you own timeshare or exchange into Las Vegas with a timeshare.

We got caught up in this additional expense when we exchanged through Interval International into Las Vegas. When we checked out we were informed we owed additional expenses that we were not, at check-in, informed about.

  1. Daily room tax in that county similar to a hotel tax
  2. Daily Internet charge  

The Las Vegas Advisor will provide you with all the information you will need concerning these additional fees that are now being charged while in Las Vegas. Maybe it’s time to travel to other interesting places.