Bluegreen Owner Testimonial – A Happy Bluegreen Owner

Value was..Once it was paid for we actually end up saving money when we come.

We save money because we don’t have that $150 $200 a day or night fee to pay to stay in a nice hotel or just to go to a resort that we are not a member of.

Another nice part about Bluegreen is you feel that you own something. You feel when you leave to go on vacation it feels that it’s part of your home. You own something and they treat you that way that you’re an owner and they call you an owner. Bluegreen is important to us especially right now because about a year ago my husband lost his job He’s been able to find other employment but its about half the salary he was making before.

We moved our family to a different state and I haven’t been able to find work yet either and there is no way on our income currently that we would be able to afford a vacation to Aruba. Had we not bought into Bluegreen we would not be able to take this vacation..

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