Marriott’s Point System And Lawsuit Claiming Not A Deeded Week….

July 22, 2017

We have written many articles over the years on points vs deeded timeshare property. 

We agree with this “class action lawsuit” but listen to what this reporter has to say by clicking here. 

How To Join

In most class action cases, you don’t have to do anything to join a suit. The attorneys will typically try to find everyone who they believe may have been affected by the defendant’s actions and notify them via mail that they’re part of the lawsuit. Members of the class can then choose to opt out if they want to file a separate lawsuit. If you think you have been overlooked in a class action, however, the best thing to do is to check the legal notices in your local newspaper or search online for information regarding the suit. You should be able to find the names of attorneys associated with the suit and request to be added to the class.

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